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What Are The Advantages of Rooftop Units For My Business?

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Commercial HVAC systems have different requirements than residential systems. They have to cool a bigger space for starters, as well as factoring in unique needs such as computer processors that can’t be allowed to overheat. Here in Lincolnwood, IL, rooftop units service the majority of commercial HVAC needs, and if you’re a business owner or office manager, you should seriously consider similar units for your space. “But what are the advantages of rooftop units for my business?” you ask. We’ve provided a brief list of answers below.

  • They save space. Chances are, space is at a premium in your business, and you don’t want to take up any more than you have to with your air conditioner. Rooftop units are placed out of the way, giving you more room for parking spaces, desks, storage, or whatever else your business needs.
  • They are flexible. Individual cooling needs can vary widely, depending upon what kind of business occupies a given space. Rooftop units are designed to be modular in nature, which means you can add and subtract new units very easily without disrupting the overall system. The rooftop makes an ideal space to do that, with plenty of space and accessibility that doesn’t involve moving heavy equipment through the building’s interior.
  • They are easy to repair. Along those lines, when a rooftop unit breaks down, it’s very easy for the repair technician to reach it and correct the problem. He or she can also do her job away from the rest of the office, so that his or her efforts don’t create a big distraction.
  • Sturdy. Rooftop units are designed to withstand all kinds of weather extremes, from hot days to freezing nights. That makes them reliable in ways that other air conditioners simply aren’t.

For more on the advantages of rooftop units for your business, or to schedule an installation, talk to the experts at Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning. Installing and servicing rooftop units and other commercial HVAC services in Lincolnwood, IL are only some of our specialties, and we pride ourselves on your complete satisfaction every step of the way. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do!

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How Commercial HVAC Systems Differ from Residential Systems

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Summers can get very hot and humid here in Illinois, and every occupied building needs to have reliable air conditioning to function. Commercial HVAC systems in Evanston, IL pay as large a role as residential systems, since people tend to occupy office space and retail space during the heat of the day. The systems used in commercial buildings apply the same principles as those used in homes, but they differ in several significant ways. (That’s why you should usually rely on a service with experience in commercial systems if your own breaks down.) Here’s how commercial HVAC systems differ from residential systems.

The main factor involved is size. Commercial buildings tend to be much larger than most homes, and need to support a much night number of people to boot. Their HVAC systems thus need to generate a lot more power than home systems do, in order to handle the load. But at the same time, they need to be far more flexible than household air conditioners are. The occupants of commercial space are apt to move in and out much more quickly than the average homeowner, often with wildly fluctuating needs in air conditioning to boot. For example, an office with numerous powerful computers may need a lot of AC power to keep their systems cool. But what if they move out and a new company specializing in paper storage moves in? Suddenly, the space needs a lot less cooling power.

Commercial HVAC systems thus need to be stronger and more reliable than home systems, but also flexible and easily altered. The solution is usually to adopt a series of modular units – usually placed on the building’s roof – that can be added and subtracted from the system quite easily. In order to do that, as well as to facilitate repairs when problems arise, you need a company that really understands how commercial HVAC systems differ from residential systems. And when it comes to air conditioning and heating systems in Evanston, IL, commercial properties have a trump card in Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning. We have the expertise you need to solve all manner of installation and repair issues. Give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Reasons to Move Quickly with Commercial HVAC Repair

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Commercial air conditioning systems differ from residential models in many ways. They’re often modular, located on building rooftops for ease of access and installation. Being modular also means you can add or subtract them to match your power needs without uprooting the entire system. And they are durable, able to handle direct exposure to the elements. But like residential air conditioners, they suffer breakdowns form time to time, and when they do, you need to get them up and running again quickly. In Lincolnwood, IL, commercial HVAC repair services can deal with the problem. More importantly, they understand the reasons to move quickly with commercial HVAC repair.

Commercial systems need to handle a much higher load than residential systems do. The buildings that use them are often much larger, with many hundreds of people to deal with. Those people can’t simply go somewhere else when a breakdown occurs. Employees need to stay in order to do their jobs and if the air conditioner is faulty, they’re apt to be left quite uncomfortable. That translates to lose work days and reduced efficiency (to say nothing of potential damage to computer systems and other equipment that relies on cool air to function).Furthermore, customers won’t be inclined to stay in a business that doesn’t offer a comfortable environment. This can be especially damaging to restaurants and retail shops, but business offices can be affected just as severely.

All of that is compounded by the fact that commercial HVAC systems need to run in the daytime, when heat indexes are at their highest and you need the space to be cool. With such a high workload on the system during such an important time of the day, a delay of even an hour or two can severely affect the bottom line. That’s why you should contact the experts at Shavitz Heating & Cooling the minute you detect a problem. We know the reasons to move quickly with commercial HVAC service in Lincolnwood, IL. And for businesses, our speed and efficiency can some as a godsend.  Give us a call today and let us take care of the problem lickety-split!

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3 Advantages of a Modular Commercial HVAC System

Friday, April 11th, 2014

A commercial HVAC system is a complicated endeavor. It needs to support a large amount of square footage and keep both your customers and your business comfortable at all times. If you run a large building – with multiple floors and constant fluctuations in tenants – then you can go out of your mind trying to attend to all their needs. A modular system can be the perfect solution, and when it comes to commercial HVAC services, Northbrook, IL has experts who can help. Here are 3 advantages of a modular commercial HVAC system that you should consider when installing commercial air conditioning in your office.

  • Adaptable
    Modular systems contain a series of separate units, which can be added or removed from the system very easily. That means if your business grows and you need more air conditioning power, you don’t need to replace the whole system. You just need to add another modular unit. The versatility allows you maximum flexibility while ensuring that you’re never paying for more of a system than you need.
  • Space-saving
    Because commercial units are placed on the roof, you don’t need to use any valuable square footage on it. That leaves more room for storage, extra personnel or whatever your business needs to remain competitive.
  • Efficient
    Commercial HVAC systems are sturdy and reliable, which means they can handle the hottest days as well as the coldest nights. They’re built of solid materials, and can handle much larger loads to boot. While repairs are sometimes necessary, a regular schedule of maintenance and timely repairs will allow them to run for a good long line.

The advantages of a modular commercial HVAC system won’t mean much unless you have the right company for the job. And when it comes to professional HVAC services in Northbrook, IL, the experts at Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help. Our trained professionals can install a system that’s right for your business, and will be on hand to correct any problems or maintenance issues that crop up in the ensuing years. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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Benefits of Using Rooftop Units for Your Business

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Here in Northbrook IL, rooftop units are standard for many businesses and office centers. These are modular commercial HVAC systems with a very simple operating system, placed on the roof of the building and heating or cooling the air through an extended series of ducts.  Business spaces have needs that residential homes don’t: they must condition a larger amount of square footage that supports a larger number of people for longer periods of time. In that sense, the benefits of using rooftop units for your business cannot be denied.

The biggest advantage of rooftop units is their versatility. Each unit is designed to handle a certain power load. As your business grows and your heating and air conditioning needs increase, you can simply add another unit to cover the additional workload. The same principle holds true if you have an office building that supports multiple businesses, The sectional nature of rooftop units lets you assign specific units to specific businesses, helping to keep track of energy use and ensuring that every occupant gets the heating and cooling he or she needs.

Then there’s the issue of placement. Space can be at a premium in any business and you don’t always have the square footage to handle a large HVAC system. Placing them on the roof keeps them out of the way, as well as ensuring that your outside space stays pristine and attractive. If repairs are needed, the technician can easily access all of the units, and the rooftop location means that there’s no mucking about in basements or other tough-to-reach locales. That not only lets repairs take place more quickly, but permits preventative maintenance sessions to take place with greater regularity: stopping many HVAC problems before they start.

The benefits of using rooftop units for your business can be further enhanced by hiring the right service to install and repair them. Rooftop units and other HVAC system services in Northbrook can be handled by the experts at Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning. Our trained staff can ensure that your business stays comfortable for employees and customers alike. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

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3 Benefits of Commercial Boiler Maintenance

Friday, March 7th, 2014

A commercial boiler works in a manner very similar to a residential boiler, save that it’s larger and must handle a greater demand. Here in Lincolnwood IL, commercial boilers do yeoman duty in keeping the snow and cold at bay for all kinds of businesses. Repairs will crop up from time to time, just like any other appliance, and if you own a business with a commercial boiler, you would do very well to schedule routine maintenance from a qualified technician that specializes in commercial HVAC services. A maintenance session acts as a sort of tune-up for the boiler: cleaning dirty parts, fixing loose screws and bolts, and checking for any small problems that could turn into larger ones. Here are 3 benefits to commercial boiler maintenance that you should consider.

  • It reduces the risk of breakdowns
    This is perhaps the most important aspect of having your commercial boiler maintained regularly. A technician can spot any big problems while they’re still small ones, allowing you to schedule a repair session when it’s most convenient to you. You can set it up after hours, on a weekend, or even during a warm day when you won’t need the boiler. Contrast that to allowing a breakdown to take place. Not only will it likely cost you a lot more money, but it could break down at the worst possible time, forcing customers and employees to endure a chilly space.
  • It runs more efficiently
    Maintenance sessions help the boiler do its job without as much wasted energy. That cuts down on your monthly heating costs, which helps your bottom line.
  • It keeps your business comfortable
    An uncomfortable place of business means that your employees can’t work as efficiently and customers will stay away. That can be catastrophic to your business if you allow it to continue. A maintenance session can keep your boiler running the way it should.

The benefits of commercial boiler maintenance depend a great deal on the type of service you employ for it. Commercial boiler maintenance and other heating system services in Lincolnwood, IL, can be handled by the experts at Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning. We know the difference between residential boilers and commercial boilers, and we know how much your business depends on keeping yours running. Call us today and let us keep it in the best shape it can be!

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