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How to Choose the Right Heating Technician for the Job


Are you in search for a new service provider for your HVAC systems? Perhaps you’re ready to schedule heating maintenance for the season—now is the perfect time! Or maybe you’re looking for a new system to install, or need repairs on an existing system. No matter the job, one thing is for sure—you want a qualified and experienced heating technician to complete it.

But how do you find such an individual? With colder weather creeping up on us fast, it may be tempting for you to just reach out to the first one you know of or saw driving around town. While we do hope you recognize our trucks out on the road, this isn’t always the greatest method to choose a professional heating technician. Read on to learn what you should look for as you explore different companies throughout Chicagoland.

Thorough Experience

Some homeowners think it’s fine to just call in any handyman that has a bit of experience with electric and mechanical devices to service a heater. However, this is likely to end in a headache. Complex heating equipment is difficult for even the most skilled of handypeople, and you’ll probably have to end up calling in a pro to fix the job anyway.

Additionally, your safety comes first! This is particularly important to note if you have a gas-powered heating system. The only technicians who can ensure your safety after heating service are those who have been thoroughly trained by experienced professionals. You’ll certainly get that from a company with decades of experience.

Comprehensive Services

There are companies out there who offer limited services—or they focus on sales rather than service. We recommend selecting a heating technician and company that provides it all—heating installation and replacement, with professional recommendations for what system will work best for your specific living space, but also annual maintenance and follow up repairs as needed.

With a company that doesn’t offer these comprehensive services, you may find yourself frustrated when you call someone to repair a heating system that wasn’t installed correctly, or maybe wasn’t even the right fit for your home.

Solid Reviews

What are your friends and neighbors saying about the heating technicians and contractors you’re looking into? There’s a lot to be said for “word of mouth” advertising, and company reviews are your way to get just that. Look for customer situations that mirror your own to learn what their experience was like and how that company’s services will benefit you.

Long Term Comfort and Savings

A reputable HVAC company isn’t just going to sell you a heater and call it a day. They’re going to keep your best interests in mind. This means ensuring you’re set up with the right heater for your home—while the furnace is a popular option throughout Chicagoland, we may find that a heat pump or ductless unit will benefit you more.

We’ll also be sure to inform you of our recommended maintenance, and provide tips on how to avoid the costliest of repairs. We want to help you stay comfortable, save energy, and live happy in your home without paying an arm and a leg.

When you need reliability, you need to talk to the Chicagoland heating experts at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. Contact us today!

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