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Common Boiler Problems

Boilers have provided heating for homes in Illinois for well over a century. There are good reasons that the ol’ boiler has hung around as long as it has. Boilers provide even and effective warmth without the air quality worries that you sometimes encounter with furnaces. Because they have few moving parts, boilers do not age as fast as other types of heating systems and usually last for many years with only a few repair needs. However, no heating system is indestructible. At some point, you will need boiler repair in Lincolnwood, IL.

When you do, trust to a company that’s been in business installing and repairing boilers since ’04… that’s 1904: Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning.

Here are the most common problems we see in boilers when we do repairs:


If the underground pipes in your home develop breaks, it can cause sediment to enter the boiler’s water tank. When the sediment begins to build up, it will reduce the water volume in the tank—causing the water to overheat and spiking the pressure to the point where it can cause serious leaks. Flushing the tank will remedy this problem most of the time. Make sure you get regular maintenance on your boiler, since flushing the system is a regular part of an inspection and tune-up.


Any place where metal meets water can lead to corrosion, a chemical reaction that will severely weaken your boiler’s water tank and cause it to start leaking. An anode rod on the top of the water tank helps prevent corrosion from getting inside, but if this rod rusts through entirely, the boiler will be at risk. If you get corrosion attended to early enough, technicians will usually have few problems removing the affected parts and replacing them. If the corrosion continues for too long, however, it could mean need to replace the whole tank.

Failed pilot light

This occurs in gas-powered burners, the most common models. If the burner develops too much grime, it can cut off the oxygen necessary for the pilot light to ignite, which will keep the burners from turning on. There might also be a problem with the gas line. If you can’t get a pilot light relit after it goes out, don’t try to fiddle with the burner or the gas line: get an HVAC specialist on the job.

If possible, you want your boiler to work past its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. To help it do that, make sure you schedule repairs as soon as you need them. Also sign up for a maintenance program that will see that your boiler gets an annual inspection and any necessary tune-ups. With proper care from Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning, you should have few worries: so call us today for your Lincolnwood, IL heating service needs!

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