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Common Late Season Furnace Repairs

common-late-season-furnace-repairsIt may still be chillier here than it is in other parts of the country, but warmer weather is surely on its way. With that, you may be tempted to hold off on repairing any potential issues with your heating system. Unfortunately, delaying your Highland Park, IL furnace repairs can end up doing more harm than good, leading to emergency repair issues down the line.

If there is any indication that your furnace needs repair, it’s best not to neglect the signs. Here are a few repair issues that tend to crop up later in the heating season.

  • Dirty Burners – Your gas furnace utilizes burners—where the jets ignite to create hot combustion gas. Over the winter, the burners accumulate dirt and grime, which makes it hard for these gas jets to draw oxygen and ignite. If you hear a “booming” noise when your furnace comes on, it could very well be a sign that you have dirty burners that need to be cleaned.
  • Electronic Igniter Malfunction – Traditionally, gas furnaces have used a standing pilot light to ignite the burners. Today, many rely on safer and more energy-efficient electronic ignition systems. However, it’s not rare for this electronic igniter to wear out faster than the furnace does, and it will most likely need replacement at some point. In fact, if your furnace fails to turn on, a likely source is a malfunctioning electronic igniter.
  • Motor Issues – There is a number of motors within your furnace, each performing essential functions during furnace operations. They can and do wear down from use over time, given the intense amount of work they handle throughout the winter. If you hear a screeching noise coming from your furnace, a likely culprit is a worn down motor.

Other Furnace Repair Needs You Should Listen For

As mentioned above, a screeching sound is a good indication that you have a problem with one or more of your motors. This is not the only sound you should be listening for. Any unnatural or unfamiliar noise can be cause for concern, so listen closely.

  • Clicking – You may have a faulty flame sensor, or even a problem between the ignition and the gas. For safety purposes, this type of problem requires immediate attention.
  • Rattling – Your furnace may rattle a bit—or rather, your ductwork may—when the system is switching on and shutting off. However, if the noise does not subside then you may have worn or broken components in the motor or the fan. The longer you let this go on, the more likely your system is going to fail.
  • Chirping – This sound is quite common in furnaces that haven’t been used in a while, so likely not an end-of-season repair you need to be worried about. Nonetheless, know that this sound may be indicative of a fan belt that needs replacing, or some other type of adjustment or maintenance task that needs attention.

If there are any unfamiliar noises or symptoms that your furnace is experiencing, it’s always better safe than sorry—give our professionals a call!

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