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Common Signs That an Air Conditioner Replacement Is Needed

As summer quickly approaches, you’ll be relying more and more on your air conditioner to keep your home cool. As such, the strain you put on your system will increase. In most air conditioning systems, this extra stress will eventually cause components to start breaking down, which in the most ideal cases can be fixed with a quick repair call.

If your air conditioning system is aging, however, then the stress of getting your home through summer can be enough to cause it to break down completely. You may be unsure if it’s really time to replace your air conditioner before the heat of summer hits. Therefore, we’ve shared a few signs below that indicate this is the case.

An Increase in Monthly Costs

Aging air conditioning systems have much more wear and tear on them than their newer counterparts. This means that as a result, they are much less efficient. As a result, its efficiency will begin to drop. In order to compensate for this, your AC has to stay on for longer periods of time.

This makes your air conditioner more expensive to operate. Therefore, if your monthly bills are rising despite no change in your use, it’s likely time to start looking into a replacement system.

Frequent Repairs

Repairing your air conditioner once or twice a year is normal, particularly if you don’t invest in regular preventive maintenance. However as wear and tear on your aging air conditioner begins to increase, then certain parts of the system will begin to break down. You should never have to repair your air conditioner every few months.

However, as your system nears the end of its life, you may find that your repair needs have increased. If you do find yourself repairing your air conditioner multiple times a year, it’s definitely time to consider replacing the system. In the long run, this will be less costly than replacing the system one piece at a time.

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