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Do Ductless Systems Need Maintenance Twice as Often as Other Systems?

We’re almost to the end of summer, and for people who use normal air conditioning systems that means that it’s time to turn them off for another year. Ductless systems, however, work a bit differently. Ductless mini splits are able to act as both heating and air conditioning systems, which means that you’ll likely keep using your ductless system on a regular basis all the way through winter. This also means that you’ll have to treat your system differently than more traditional climate control systems, starting with maintenance. Read on to find out whether ductless systems need maintenance more often than other systems.

Stress and System Health

The reason that maintenance is conducted is to ensure that the system can cope with the stresses of operation, especially during times like the summer and winter. Conducting annual preventive maintenance on a system can catch and address problems before they become too severe, as well as ensure that your system as a whole is as healthy as possible. Since a ductless mini split system is used twice as often as other systems, though, annual maintenance isn’t going to be enough to protect it. You’re going to need to schedule maintenance at least twice a year in order to keep your ductless system in good condition.

The reason that you want to conduct fall maintenance on your ductless system is that it’s the ideal time to prepare for winter. The closer you conduct maintenance to the most demanding time of year for the system, the better condition the system will be in to cope with those demands.

If you need ductless maintenance this fall, call Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer a full range of ductless mini split services throughout Chicago, IL.

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