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Don’t Let Excess Humidity Get You Down

woman-using-fan-to-cool-downWith temperatures finally on a cooling trend, it’s almost time to shut down our air conditioners for the season and turn our attention to maintaining our heaters to ensure they’re ready for winter. In the meantime though, we’re still dealing with the warmer temps, as well as humidity that makes it feel even warmer.

Have you ever considered the installation of a whole-house dehumidifier? This system works with your air conditioner, increasing the quality of your indoor air to make you and your family more comfortable. Many homeowners use portable dehumidifiers around their home, but this just isn’t the same when it comes to efficiency. You’d do well to consider a whole-house approach to dehumidification, for improved comfort, better air quality, and energy savings. Keep reading to learn how eliminating humidity in your home can benefit you.

It Saves You Money

Running your air conditioner dehumidifies your home—a little bit. The thing is, your indoor air is naturally dehumidified when the temperature is lowered, so by default, your air conditioner is able to do the job a bit. But this isn’t the point of your air conditioner—it’s not actually designed for this purpose.

In fact, if you use your air conditioner alone to dehumidify your home, you’d have to set the temperature lower than you would typically be comfortable with, removing the moisture from the air but also using up a lot of unnecessary energy.

Whole-house dehumidifiers cost less to run than air conditioners. In fact, in many cases, on a day with mild temperatures but high humidity, people find they can run their dehumidifier without turning on their cooling system at all.

It Reduces Strain On Your AC Systems

When you don’t have a dehumidifier, you may try to run your air conditioner more often to compensate. This wears down on your air conditioner’s components faster, since the system has to continuously cycle when trying to rid the home of humidity, which can lead to premature system failure in many cases.

Excessive humidity can also make it more likely that the indoor coil will freeze, which can be harmful to your air conditioner. A dehumidifier, though, helps prevent this problem in addition to other associated issues.

A Dehumidifier Will Keep You Comfortable

Dehumidifiers are an excellent way for homeowners to stay comfortable when humidity levels are too high. Using one can help you relax, without breaking a sweat. Whole-house dehumidification systems are truly the way to go. They function with your air conditioner, meaning they can typically be controlled with your home’s central thermostat.

This convenience and comfort can’t be achieved by portable dehumidifiers. In Chicagoland, homeowners with whole-house dehumidifiers are far more comfortable than those without.

It Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

Last but not least, the installation of a whole-house dehumidifier will improve the quality of the air in your home. High levels of humidity can make you feel overheated, since it’s more difficult for sweat to evaporate into the air. This isn’t the only issue associated with high levels of humidity, either.

When humidity is too high in your home, moisture can build up on the coils of your air conditioner, in the ductwork, and throughout your home, making it more likely for mold and mildew to develop. This is not only a problem for your HVAC system, but one for your health, too.

To learn more about your options for Chicago-area dehumidifiers, contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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