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Get Your Heating System Installed the Right Way

So, maybe you’ve been following our blog posts for a while. You’re always keen on following our advice, and to the best of your knowledge, we’ve said everything right so far. “Wow, these Shavitz people really know what they’re talking about when it comes to HVAC work, if only I had a good reason to switch over from my normal HVAC guy.”

Well, you’re kind of right. You don’t have a good reason to switch to us. You have several good reasons to switch to our service.

As winter approaches, heating service in Chicago, IL is going to become more and more important. You’re going to get into tussles with your “HVAC guy” and sometimes you’re going to wish there were a better crew out there that really understood your comfort needs. Well, take a look at why you might be in the perfect position to switch to our team.

Get Your Heating Work Done Right

What makes our team the right team to choose? Well, we don’t have to guess. We can look at how we’ve provided service for customers in the past and take an extensive dive into our legacy in the Chicagoland area. Sure, if you’re looking to have a furnace installed by a professional, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a certified HVAC technician who won’t be able to get it installed safely. The problem is that due to labor costs, fees, upselling, and poor customer service, it might feel like a nightmare.

Let’s get into detail as to why choosing our team is hands down the best idea you could have if you’re looking for affordable, satisfactory heating services.


The professional HVAC person you usually see has probably been in the business for a few years. Maybe even a few decades if you’re lucky. This is usually something to be very proud of! However, in a world full of technological advancements and sketchy customer service, experience means everything.

Our business has been providing amazing support for Chicago residents since 1904. That’s over one hundred years of quality service. In the four generations we’ve been providing heating and cooling installations, other companies have come and gone. We are a team that is built to stay here, and we have been, and always will be, dedicated members of this community.

Training and Expertise

Most HVAC technicians in the area are probably NATE certified. While we love to talk about how important that is for any homeowners that are looking for a professional, we’d like to talk about what makes our team different than those with just NATE certifications.

We provide 75+ hours of training per year for each of our NATE certified technicians. This results in a highly skilled team of dedicated professionals who know about all of the budding new pieces of technology, as well as the most effective ways to deal with old fashioned systems like furnaces and boilers.

We’re so confident in our ability to provide great heating and cooling solutions, that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all the work we provide. If that doesn’t scream peace of mind, then we don’t know what does.

Do yourself a favor—call Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning for the quality heating care you’ve always wanted.

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