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Why You Should Go Ductless This Summer

go-ductless-this-summerHave you ever tried to cool your home down with a noisy window AC unit? Even if you have a smaller home, you’ve likely found that not only does a window unit not do a very effective job, but it’s more cumbersome than its worth. If you don’t have room for ductwork though or rather not pay for its installation, you may think this is your only option.

However, there is a very reliable home cooling solution that is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners, particularly those who do not have space for the installation of a central air conditioner. We’re talking about a Highland Park, IL ductless system installation.

Ductless Cooling Is Reliable

The reason ductless cooling—and heating—is so reliable is because it’s designed with the same efficiency and operational standards as a conventional heat pump (an air conditioning system with heating capabilities). A refrigerant line connects an outdoor portion to smaller indoor air handlers, which saves a lot of space.

With a ductless system, refrigerant transfers heat out of the air in your home and releases that heat outside. The outside component of the system contains a fan and a condenser coil to help heat dissipate into the air. The inside blower units are mounted high up on the wall, and controlled by a central thermostat—although they can be controlled separately as well.

Since ductless systems run on heat pump technology, they are able to run in reverse, to provide heating just as reliably as cooling. In heating mode, the refrigerant transfers heat from outside into the house rather than the other way around.

Ductless Cooling Is Advantageous

There are many benefits to having a ductless system installed in your home. For example, these systems are highly efficient as both cooling and heating systems, meaning that you’ll save money on your monthly energy bills all year long.

Additionally, as we mentioned above, ductless systems don’t require the use of air ducts. This is beneficial if you don’t have room or the budget for the installation of ductwork, but it’s advantageous in other ways too.

Ductwork brings with it the risk of indoor pollutants such as dust, dirt and other debris—particularly if your ducts are damaged or leaking. A ductless system allows you cleaner air automatically, meaning you and your family don’t have to worry about the added discomfort of poor indoor air quality.

But Is Ductless Really the Way to Go?

Ductless cooling and heating isn’t for everyone. For instance, if you’ve moved into a home that already has ductwork in place, and it’s in good condition, it may make sense to instead upgrade to a high-efficiency central air conditioner. However, there are some situations in which a ductless system may be the perfect choice for your home, such as the following:

  • You don’t already have a central duct system in place, or your ducts are extensively damaged.
  • You’re tired of using portable or window AC units that offer minimal comfort and efficiency.
  • You’re renovating your home and cannot extend the ductwork from your existing cooling system into a room addition.

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