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Help! My Heat Pump Won’t Change Modes

Temperatures are lowering a little each week as fall is setting in. Winter is just around the corner, and then our truly cold temperatures will be here to stay for a while. Your heater or furnace will need to work hard every day around the clock to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. But what happens if you switch your thermostat over from cooling to heating and nothing happens? 

That’s the last thing you want to deal with when it’s getting cold outside, but it is a common problem for homeowners – especially if you didn’t schedule regular maintenance at the end of the last winter season. If your heat pump won’t change modes, give us a call for heat pump service and our team can get you back in business. 

Why Won’t My Heat Pump Work?

There are many reasons that your heat pump isn’t switching over from cooling to heating. It’s better to identify and fix the problem now than to wait until temperatures drop even more. When our team visits your home for heat pump service, there are a few things we check for. 

Old Air Filter

The air filter on your heat pump needs to be changed regularly – usually every one to three months. You can read the label on your air filter brand to see what the frequency is for your home. If you don’t change your air filter on time, it can get clogged up with dust, dirt, and other debris.

This can block airflow into your heat pump system so that your heat pump doesn’t have adequate air to heat and blow into your home. You can try changing the filter yourself to see if that makes a difference in your heat pump warming your home. If it doesn’t, something else may be to blame. 

Thermostat Calibration

Sometimes your thermostat isn’t working correctly. If the calibration is off, your thermostat cannot communicate with your heat pump when you change the settings. This can be an easy fix, or you may need a whole new thermostat. Miscalibration can also mean that your thermostat isn’t reading the indoor temperature correctly, so it isn’t telling your heat pump when to turn on at the right time. 

Reversing Valve Damage

Your heat pump has a reversing valve that is essential for your unit to be able to work as both a heater and an air conditioner to cool your home. The reversing valve changes when adjusting settings from heating to cooling.

But if the valve is broken, your unit may not be able to make the switch. This means that the valve cannot bring warm air into your home, and is instead stuck on the setting to remove warm air from your home. Sometimes our team can fix a broken reversing valve, but other times the part needs to be replaced completely. 

Damaged Compressor

While other problems are easy and relatively inexpensive, a damaged compressor is a big problem. Keep in mind that compressors usually don’t break down unless your unit is very old. It may be stuck or just plain worn out from so much use over the years. If your compressor needs to be replaced, it may make more sense to install a brand-new heat pump system because of the cost.

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