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How Long Does Heat Pump Installation Take?

Here in Lincolnwood IL, a heat pump installation is a common procedure. Heat pumps serve dual functions as both heaters and air conditioners, though in the Midwest they often rely on a smaller gas furnace to help heat your home on the coldest days. Either way, they cost less to run than traditional HVAC systems, which can make them very enticing to frugal homeowners. How long does heat pump installation take? That depends on the specifics, though a few general tips can help you make an estimate.

Some heat pump systems are designed to be connected to an existed centralized system, with an air handler to move conditioned air from the pumps throughout your house. In those cases, installation will be much simpler and faster than, say, installing a series of heat pumps as a ductless mini-split system, which would entail multiple heat pumps installed around your home.

Regardless of the elaborateness of the system, the basics for installing a heat pump are the same. You and the technician would select the best placed to install the unit: somewhere that shares an outside wall and which doesn’t have any potential obstacles nearby (such as bushes outside or a thermostat inside). A foundation is set up outside, one which can support your heat pump in the exact location required. Holes are drilled in the walls to run refrigerant lines and similar connectors between the inside part of the unit and the outside. The inside part of the unit is set up and installed, then the lines are insulated and run through the openings in the wall. The outside unit is then mounted and secured to its foundation, and the lines are connected and tested to make sure they are properly fitted and sealed. The installer will slowly equalize the pressure, then ensure that the refrigerant gas is fully charged before activating the unit.

Ideally, that process should take a day or less, though obviously it will be longer if the technician is installing multiple units as part of a ductless mini-split system. For more on how long heat pump installation takes in your circumstances, the experts at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning can help. We offer heating services in Lincolnwood, so rest assured we can provide an estimate on the time it will take before we start installation. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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