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How Often Should You Change Your Filter?

The age old Filter Dilemma – How often should it be changed and what’s the best type of filter?

Most filter manufacturers recommend that filters should be cleaned or replaced once a month (some special filters may vary in length of time between replacing), however the best recommendation is to start with changing your filters once per month and inspect them.  If they are pretty clean then try going two months and so on until you find the filter frequency that is best for your home.  Make sure to always replace your filter with the same size as the original to filter ALL of the airflow and don’t let air go over the top of or behind an improperly sized filter – it will cause big problems down the road.

The best type of filter for your home is a big misconception.  Higher priced filters don’t necessarily mean better.  The expensive pleated (accordion looking) filters at the big box stores may do a halfway decent job at filtering your air, but they also restrict your airflow by a lot.  This causes your system to work much harder and can measurably reduce the amount of airflow (and comfort) your system can deliver.  This will also increase your utility bills and reduce the expected life of your equipment.  The filter’s job is to extend the life of your furnace by keeping it clean, and an expensive (but restrictive) filter can actually do the opposite.  The best filter for the efficiency, comfort, and long term reliability of your system is a low resistance fiberglass filter!  If you want to improve your air quality do so with high performance filters that also have low resistance to airflow!

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