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How to Keep Your Heating System Working Well This Winter

Winter in Chicago is both a lovely and harsh time. It will be more of the former and less of the latter if the heater in your home works its best during the season though. Heating systems get plenty of work during the winter months, and unless they receive regular attention, they can start to weaken or even fail completely. You don’t want the inconvenience of shivering in your home until the problem can be fixed, so follow some of the advice below to make sure your heating system is prepared to get you through to spring.

Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with your Chicago heating service needs. We promise to always do right by the customer, and we’ll make certain your heater is in the best condition it can be.

Change the air filters: Many Chicago homes use furnaces to provide heat. Any system that uses forced air, like a furnace, will have a filter to protect the internal components from damage. If the filter becomes clogged it can cause problems leading to repairs and a loss of heating power. Change the filter at least once a month during the winter or any other time your furnace receives heavy use.

Don’t overwork it: Find a lower heat setting that will keep you comfortable with the aid of heavier clothes. Depending on the insulation in your home, you can locate a comfortable temperature between 62°F and 68°F. At night, lower the temperature further to 58°F and snuggle up under thick blankets. A programmable thermostat can be especially beneficial in controlling lower temperatures for maximum comfort. Aside from saving you money on your heating bills, this will place less strain on your heating system and help prevent repairs and breakdowns.

Get preventive maintenance before the heating season: The best care you can give your heater to keep it healthy during winter is to have a professional do a check-up and tune-up on it before the winter starts. An annual visit can prevent costly repairs and emergency calls, and keep your heater working efficiently without an unnecessary drain on power. Schedule a heating maintenance appointment soon, before the busy winter season fills up HVAC technicians’ calendars.

Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning wants you to get the most comfort for you and your family during the snow-filled months. For Chicago heating, we’re one of the city’s oldest and most dependable companies. Contact us today to help get your heater ready to keep you cozy through another Illinois winter.

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