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How to Use Your Electric Furnace More Efficiently


Electric appliances often get a bad rep. Why’s that? Well, because when compared to natural gas, it’s not exactly the most affordable fuel source out there.

But still, there are many reasons consumers choose electric appliances, particularly electric furnaces for their homes. First off, they might not actually have access to a municipal gas line, in which case propane and electricity are the only options–and propane isn’t the most convenient! Secondly, while gas-powered furnaces are not inherently dangerous, homeowners do often choose electric furnaces due to safety concerns.

This doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg to use an electric furnace, however! Read on as we uncover how to use your electric furnace as efficiently as possible.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed

On milder days, it can be nice to bring in fresh air, right? But if you’re using your heating system at the same time, then we hate to tell you this, but you’re actually wasting energy. Your furnace is just going to keep cycling on to try to warm your home while your home simultaneously and quickly cools down, only to signal to the thermostat that the furnace should cycle on again.

We provide indoor air quality products that can help with the staleness of your air, which can allow you to keep those windows and doors shut and still feel comfortable when you’re inside.

Check for Air Leaks

What if you have drafty doors and windows? While this isn’t as bad if you have your windows and doors open, it’s still going to waste energy since the heat from your furnace will be able to escape outdoors.

Fortunately, weatherstripping and using caulking is fairly easy and can do a lot to seal up stubborn drafts.

Keep Your Thermostat Setting at a Reasonable Level

It can be hard to resist the temptation to drive up the number on the thermostat when things get a little too chilly outside. However, the Department of Energy recommends that you only set a maximum of 68°F to get the most from your heater while using it as efficiently as possible.

Use Other Forms of Warmth

No, we aren’t about to tell you to turn on your oven and use that as your main source of heat. That would be irresponsible and dangerous! What we would like you to do though is consider where you could be bringing in ambient heat that could allow your furnace to stay off longer, or allow you to turn down the thermostat a bit.

For instance, leaving your blinds and curtains open on sunny days can bring in the ambient warmth from the sun while using heat-producing lights can help you feel warmer in certain rooms.

Address Repair Needs Quickly

Whether you’ve been told during your maintenance session that you’re in need of heating repairs or you suspect that you might need a heating repair, get it taken care of right away! Letting a system sit in disrepair is a sure way for it to work inefficiently, instead of efficiently.

For service on your electric furnace in Chicago, IL, look no further than Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. Contact us today!

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