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How to Save on Your HVAC Costs

white question mark on blue backgroundOne of the most common questions Morton Grove, IL HVAC professionals get is in regards to why it costs them so much to run their heating and cooling systems. The short answer to that is “it depends,” but it can have a lot to do with how well you care for that system. It may be malfunctioning due to neglect, standard wear and tear, or an undiagnosed repair need.

Another possibility, of course, is that you aren’t using your air conditioner as efficiently as you can. Keep in mind that while your heater gets quite the workout in winter, your air conditioner goes through the same during our long, hot summers. Keeping these systems operating at peak performance can help make your HVAC systems more affordable to run. But what can you do that you might not be already?

Watch Your Thermostat Settings

In the summer, we encourage you not to set your thermostat lower than the temperature you actually need. We’re not saying to keep your home hotter than you find comfortable, but rather that you turn up the thermostat a little higher than you may need in order to help with your air conditioning efficiency.

In the summertime, many homeowners set their thermostats somewhere around 72°F, but most people can stay comfortable when it’s 78°F. In addition, you’ll save energy and efficiency by raising the temperature even higher when your home is unoccupied, or when you’re sleeping.

The same concept can be applied in the winter months too. Many people are tempted to blast their heaters as high as possible, when not only is it unnecessary, but it’s a waste of energy (and subsequently, money).

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great addition to your home, for more reasons than one. They are aesthetically pleasing, in most cases. But more importantly, they can help you feel cooler in the summer, since they help sweat evaporate from the body. True, they won’t actually lower the temperature of the room, but they can help your air conditioner work more efficiently by evenly distributing the conditioned air throughout your home.

They’re great in the winter, too! There’s a switch on each of your ceiling fans that reverses the direction of the fan blades, helping to distribute the air from your heater, rather than your air conditioner. This allows you to heat your home more efficiently in the winter—and given how cold ours get, that’s a great benefit!

Change Your Air Filter

There’s a common misconception among homeowners that the air filter that comes standard with their HVAC system is there to protect the home’s indoor air quality. But, while a clogged air filter can negatively affect indoor air quality, it is actually more detrimental to the HVAC system itself.

That air filter is there to protect the inside components of your air conditioner or heater from dirt and debris, so that it can continue to work as efficiently as possible. The air filter should be changed every 1 to 3 months, which will help your system work more efficiently, and therefore save you money.

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