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Is a Heat Pump a Good Investment?


With that familiar chill in the air, many homeowners are starting to turn their attention away from air conditioning to their heating systems. Is yours in good shape? If not, you may be considering the installation of a new heater. There are a number of options to choose from! This includes the versatile heat pump system.

Heat pumps are great HVAC units for many reasons. First off, they’re year-round. So if you have an aging heater and an aging air conditioner, this could be the ideal replacement for you. Imagine buying just one system for your home comfort needs all year, instead of two separate systems. Read on as we uncover just why a heat pump may be a good investment for your home.

They’re Very Efficient

Heat pumps are among the most energy-efficient climate control systems on the market. Using electricity to operate, they cycle refrigerant in order to heat your home (and cool it) and use less energy than traditional furnaces or boilers to get the job done.

Plus, you can take this a step further by going ductless and get separate air handlers for even more efficiency. Household members can customize the temperature in different rooms to avoid one room being an oven while another is an icebox.

You Don’t Need Ducts

Like we mentioned in the first point, you have the option of going ductless with a heat pump system. Heat pumps work by cycling refrigerant between an indoor and outdoor unit. This refrigerant cycle can be reversed so that the unit provides cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. But ducts are not required to distribute air.

Ductless heat pumps are comprised of a single outdoor unit connected to up to 4 indoor air handlers. Each air handler has its own blower fan and its own conduit. The conduits contain a power line, condensate line for moisture drainage, and the aforementioned refrigerant line.

The installation of these systems requires very minimal holes being drilled into the drywall of each room you want an air handler in. Whether you’ve never had ductwork in your home or you have old and damaged ducts, this can be a great, affordable option for you.

Heat Pumps Provide Year-Round Comfort

Thanks to the built-in reversing valve that we just mentioned, heat pump systems have the ability to switch the flow of refrigerant within the system. This means when you need cool air, the heat pump absorbs heat from your home just like a conventional central air conditioner does. When you need warm air, the refrigerant process goes in reverse and you’re provided with warm air instead.

As long as you take care of your heat pump by scheduling maintenance twice a year, keeping up on repair needs, and only ever having it professionally serviced, you can count on reliable service from your heat pump all year throughout its lifespan.

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