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My Air Conditioning System Is Really Loud: What’s Wrong With It?

Your air conditioning system will naturally make some noise as it operates because of all the moving parts and motors. But if you notice that it has started to operate at a much louder volume than normal, it likely means that you need to call a Wilmette air conditioning repair expert to have a look at it. We wanted to help our customers understand reasons why their AC might be running so loudly, so we put together a short explanation of what might be causing the noise.

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Wilmette Air Conditioning Tips: What Causes Loud Operation

Your air conditioning system uses a number of different motors and if you hear that your AC is operating much louder than normal it likely has something to do with them. Call us here at Shavitz when you need any Wilmette air conditioning repair.

  • Compressor motor – One of the most critical components of your air conditioning system is the compressor. It has a motor in it that can start to rattle and also make loud noises when it starts to have problems. This might also be accompanied by a reduction in the amount of cooling that your AC is able to provide. You may also notice that the loud noise only happens when the system starts up or shuts down.
  • Fan motor – You have a fan motor in the inside unit of your AC as well as in the outdoor unit. Both of these motors can start to make a variety of sounds including grinding which usually indicates that the bearings are bad or need lubrication.
  • Debris – If you hear a loud rattling noise coming from your air conditioning system it could be that there is a branch or some other debris stuck in the fan blades. You should turn off the system immediately as this can warp or bend the fan blades.
  • Fan cage – Surrounding each of your fans is a cage that protects you and the fans from any damage or injury. But if the cage gets damaged it can rub against the fan blades and cause huge problems for you.

No matter what kind of Wilmette air conditioning services you need, just call the technicians at Shavitz.

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