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Radiant Heating Repairs to Watch Out for This Winter

With daytime temperatures still pretty mild, you might not have fired up your heater yet. However, nighttime temperatures have already started dipping below 60°F, signaling that the beginning of fall is near—just a few days away actually. Hopefully, you’ve scheduled routine maintenance to ensure that your radiant heating system is ready for the coming cold.

However, even if your system is very well maintained, it’s not completely immune to problems. Keep reading to learn more about radiant heating repair issues you should keep an eye out for. And when repair issues do crop up, know that you can trust our team to get to the root of the problem and help you resolve it.

Insufficient Heat

If the water moving through the tubes of your radiant heating system isn’t reaching the temperature it should, then the heating system won’t function as it should, and your monthly energy bills will rise as your system struggles to do its job. This problem can be caused by anything from a faulty burner, a problematic thermostat, or even by a broken pump that won’t circulate the water through the pipes as it should.

Water Leaks

This problem rarely occurs inside the tubes themselves, as they are sealed and protected by your flooring. When leaks do happen, however, they should be addressed right away, before the water can cause damage to your floorboards. Water leaks typically take place in the central unit, where fittings and connections can become loose.

Electrical Issues

Your radiant heating system draws on electricity to run the pump that circulates the water through the system, as well as other components. Faulty connections or loose wires can create issues, causing your system to prematurely shut down.

If you do find yourself needing radiant heating system repairs in Chicago, IL, contact the professionals at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning ASAP.

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