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Should You Go Ductless This Summer?

bedroom with ductless air handler on wallThe ductless air conditioning and heating system isn’t a new concept—this type of heat pump system has been around for years, most popular in Europe and Japan, where homes and buildings quite often lack the space to put in bulky ductwork. It’s easy to add ductless air handlers to a few rooms and allow for an effective distribution of cooled (or heated) air.

Ductless systems have become an increasingly popular choice for air conditioning in Northbrook, IL recently. But does this type of air conditioner make sense for you and your home? Well, it just might! Let us help you take a look at when ductless cooling and heating make sense.

New Home Construction or Remodeling

Are you planning on building a new home? We definitely recommend that you give some serious consideration to the ductless mini split system for heating and cooling efforts. This way, you can eliminate space-eating ductwork, you’ll enjoy better efficiency, and you won’t have to worry about summer side effects such as ducts wearing down in your attic due to soaring summer temps.

Rather than having ductwork routed through your attic and other areas of your home, where they will lose heat over the year, you can have cooling and heating effectively delivered from wall units that send the conditioned air directly into the space in which it is installed, which is highly energy efficient.

Remodels are another great scenario in which to consider going ductless. If you’re adding on a room, for instance, but that room can’t accommodate for air ducts, then a ductless system can absolutely be the answer for you. Ductless systems don’t have to replace central systems—they can be a supplement to provide cooling and heating to rooms that can’t get it from the central system.

You may also consider having a ductless system or two installed in rooms that are difficult to either cool or heat, such as a garage or a type of workspace where your central air conditioner doesn’t extend.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Ductless systems are increasingly recommended in homes where people suffer from asthma or even allergies. This is because air ducts gather a fair amount of dust, dander, and lint. Therefore, when the blower fan comes on, a large amount of air pollution gets blasted out into the space. When there are no ducts, though, there’s much less contaminated air to be circulated.

Fortunately, you don’t need to look too far for a qualified professional to install your ductless system. Our professionals will help by first assisting you in your decision on whether a ductless system is a good idea. And if it is we’ll have it installed in no time! And the great part is, as beneficial as ductless systems are in the summer, they can be used in the winter as well for the effective heating of your home.

Whether you decide to go ductless or would like to explore your AC installation options, reach out to Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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