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Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Heater

Temperatures haven’t dropped too dramatically in recent weeks, relative to where they’ll be this winter. However we are definitely approaching cooler weather, and as such you may have turned on your heater already. Hopefully you had it maintained this fall so you won’t experience any sudden surprises. Either way though, once you begin to use your heater on a daily basis, you should be alert for any of the following signs that can indicate it’s time for a heater replacement.


Do you know how old your heating system is? If your heater was already in your home upon move-in, you should look for any paperwork that’s been left behind. All heating systems have an average lifespan, just like any other mechanical system.

Well-maintained heating systems often outlive their expected lifespan. However, even if you’ve been diligent about scheduling this service annually, it’s eventually going to reach an age where it just can’t perform as effectively or efficiently as it once did.


We use our heating systems on a pretty regular basis here in the Chicagoland area. So naturally, you don’t want to pay a high price when it comes to heating your home each month. Over the years, no matter what type of heating system you have, your heaters will begin to decline in efficiency.

You may also just have a heating system with a low efficiency rating to start with. Whatever the case is, you could do well to consider upgrading your heater to a more efficient model to boost energy savings over time.

Performance Quality

Are you able to rely on your heater? Is it able to heat your home evenly throughout? Are you going at least a year between repair needs? If your answer to any of these questions is “no,” then you deserve so much better! Just because your heater still runs doesn’t mean it’s worth keeping. It should perform effectively and efficiently as it runs. If your next repair is going to cost half the amount of a new heater, then purchasing a new heater is likely the better investment.

To schedule your Evanston, IL heating system replacement, contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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