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Stay Healthy with a Humidifier

We’ve written before about the problems associated with indoor air that is too humid. While you certainly don’t want the air in your home to be too humid, you don’t want it to be devoid of all moisture, either. A lack of humidity is just as bad as too much of it, in terms of your comfort and health. Fortunately, you can fix chronically low humidity with a whole-house humidifier. Let’s take a look at why you may need a whole-house humidifier, and how it works.

Why Low Humidity Is a Problem

Your body is largely composed of water, and it requires a certain level of moisture in the air in order to operate properly. If that level of moisture drops too low, your body will start to weaken. Your skin, and the mucus membranes in your sinuses, will dry out and crack. As these are the first line of defense against infection by disease, you will find that you get sick more often in chronically dry air. Your home will also become weaker in very dry air. Wooden furniture and beams will become brittle, and crack much more easily. A humidifier corrects these issues, by maintaining a healthy moisture level.

How It Works

A humidifier is a device that is installed in your ducts, in order to treat all air being circulated throughout the house. All humidifiers work by releasing moisture into the air, but how they do this varies. The most popular variants either evaporate water into steam, or spray it directly into circulation as a fine mist. You should consult with a professional about which kind of humidifier would fit your specific situation.

If the air in your home is too dry, call Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. We provide humidifier systems throughout Chicago, IL.

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