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3 Benefits of Commercial Boiler Maintenance

Friday, March 7th, 2014

A commercial boiler works in a manner very similar to a residential boiler, save that it’s larger and must handle a greater demand. Here in Lincolnwood IL, commercial boilers do yeoman duty in keeping the snow and cold at bay for all kinds of businesses. Repairs will crop up from time to time, just like any other appliance, and if you own a business with a commercial boiler, you would do very well to schedule routine maintenance from a qualified technician that specializes in commercial HVAC services. A maintenance session acts as a sort of tune-up for the boiler: cleaning dirty parts, fixing loose screws and bolts, and checking for any small problems that could turn into larger ones. Here are 3 benefits to commercial boiler maintenance that you should consider.

  • It reduces the risk of breakdowns
    This is perhaps the most important aspect of having your commercial boiler maintained regularly. A technician can spot any big problems while they’re still small ones, allowing you to schedule a repair session when it’s most convenient to you. You can set it up after hours, on a weekend, or even during a warm day when you won’t need the boiler. Contrast that to allowing a breakdown to take place. Not only will it likely cost you a lot more money, but it could break down at the worst possible time, forcing customers and employees to endure a chilly space.
  • It runs more efficiently
    Maintenance sessions help the boiler do its job without as much wasted energy. That cuts down on your monthly heating costs, which helps your bottom line.
  • It keeps your business comfortable
    An uncomfortable place of business means that your employees can’t work as efficiently and customers will stay away. That can be catastrophic to your business if you allow it to continue. A maintenance session can keep your boiler running the way it should.

The benefits of commercial boiler maintenance depend a great deal on the type of service you employ for it. Commercial boiler maintenance and other heating system services in Lincolnwood, IL, can be handled by the experts at Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning. We know the difference between residential boilers and commercial boilers, and we know how much your business depends on keeping yours running. Call us today and let us keep it in the best shape it can be!

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