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How Are Your Ducts Doing?

Monday, July 31st, 2017

how-ducts-doingThis is probably not something you give a whole lot of consideration to, but your ductwork is actually a very vital part of your HVAC system. After all, your air ducts are the only way that the conditioned air from your central air conditioner—or forced air heater—will ever reach your living space.

The best way to ensure that your air conditioner is prepared for all the work it will go through during the summer is by scheduling maintenance. Preventive maintenance allows our professional technicians to do a thorough inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of any components that need it. But if your ducts are in bad shape, we can’t ensure that your AC will perform as efficiently as it should for the rest of the summer season.

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How to Tell When You Need Duct Replacement

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

The ductwork in your home functions as part of your central heat or air conditioning system: piping cool or warm air from the main unit into the various rooms in your home. When they become damaged or old, you may want to consider replacement instead of normal repairs. Consulting with a professional can help determine when (or if) such a step is necessary.  That’s of special importance in Chicagoland communities like Morton Grove, IL. Duct replacement needs to come between the heat of our Lake Michigan summers and the cold of our Midwest winters, and you want to be sure it’s necessary before making plans.

Here’s a few ways you can tell when you need duct replacement:

  • Problems with the air flow. If your air conditioner or heater is working fine, and yet the air flow into your home is slow or nonexistent, the problem may lie with crushed or damaged ducts. Similarly, you may feel that the air isn’t sufficiently cool or warm despite the fact that you’re running your HVAC system as prescribed. Crushed ducts usually mean serious leaks in your system, which also means the conditioned air isn’t getting into the parts of your home that need it.
  • Higher electric bills. Similarly, if you find your energy bills going up despite the fact that you’re not using your appliances any more than normal; it could mean a major leak in your ductwork. Escaping air reduces the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, and until the rupture is addressed, your bills will continue to stay high.
  • Strange noises. Any odd sounds coming from your ducts – rattles, hums even thuds or grinding noises – are usually signs of trouble. A length of duct may be loose in its housings, or a damaged spot may be releasing air quickly enough to create an odd noise.

A trained professional can examine your duct system and determine if you simply need repairs, or if you’d be better off with full-bore duct replacement. For over 100 years, Shavitz has delivered safe and reliable air conditioning services throughout Chicago, including areas like Morton Grove, IL. Duct replacement services are one of our focuses, and we can provide sound consultation before beginning any installation procedures.

Call us today and let us show you how we can help with your duct replacement needs.

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