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What Are The Advantages of Rooftop Units For My Business?

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Commercial HVAC systems have different requirements than residential systems. They have to cool a bigger space for starters, as well as factoring in unique needs such as computer processors that can’t be allowed to overheat. Here in Lincolnwood, IL, rooftop units service the majority of commercial HVAC needs, and if you’re a business owner or office manager, you should seriously consider similar units for your space. “But what are the advantages of rooftop units for my business?” you ask. We’ve provided a brief list of answers below.

  • They save space. Chances are, space is at a premium in your business, and you don’t want to take up any more than you have to with your air conditioner. Rooftop units are placed out of the way, giving you more room for parking spaces, desks, storage, or whatever else your business needs.
  • They are flexible. Individual cooling needs can vary widely, depending upon what kind of business occupies a given space. Rooftop units are designed to be modular in nature, which means you can add and subtract new units very easily without disrupting the overall system. The rooftop makes an ideal space to do that, with plenty of space and accessibility that doesn’t involve moving heavy equipment through the building’s interior.
  • They are easy to repair. Along those lines, when a rooftop unit breaks down, it’s very easy for the repair technician to reach it and correct the problem. He or she can also do her job away from the rest of the office, so that his or her efforts don’t create a big distraction.
  • Sturdy. Rooftop units are designed to withstand all kinds of weather extremes, from hot days to freezing nights. That makes them reliable in ways that other air conditioners simply aren’t.

For more on the advantages of rooftop units for your business, or to schedule an installation, talk to the experts at Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning. Installing and servicing rooftop units and other commercial HVAC services in Lincolnwood, IL are only some of our specialties, and we pride ourselves on your complete satisfaction every step of the way. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do!

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Reasons to Move Quickly with Commercial HVAC Repair

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Commercial air conditioning systems differ from residential models in many ways. They’re often modular, located on building rooftops for ease of access and installation. Being modular also means you can add or subtract them to match your power needs without uprooting the entire system. And they are durable, able to handle direct exposure to the elements. But like residential air conditioners, they suffer breakdowns form time to time, and when they do, you need to get them up and running again quickly. In Lincolnwood, IL, commercial HVAC repair services can deal with the problem. More importantly, they understand the reasons to move quickly with commercial HVAC repair.

Commercial systems need to handle a much higher load than residential systems do. The buildings that use them are often much larger, with many hundreds of people to deal with. Those people can’t simply go somewhere else when a breakdown occurs. Employees need to stay in order to do their jobs and if the air conditioner is faulty, they’re apt to be left quite uncomfortable. That translates to lose work days and reduced efficiency (to say nothing of potential damage to computer systems and other equipment that relies on cool air to function).Furthermore, customers won’t be inclined to stay in a business that doesn’t offer a comfortable environment. This can be especially damaging to restaurants and retail shops, but business offices can be affected just as severely.

All of that is compounded by the fact that commercial HVAC systems need to run in the daytime, when heat indexes are at their highest and you need the space to be cool. With such a high workload on the system during such an important time of the day, a delay of even an hour or two can severely affect the bottom line. That’s why you should contact the experts at Shavitz Heating & Cooling the minute you detect a problem. We know the reasons to move quickly with commercial HVAC service in Lincolnwood, IL. And for businesses, our speed and efficiency can some as a godsend.  Give us a call today and let us take care of the problem lickety-split!

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How Damage to Your Ductwork Affects Your Air Conditioner

Friday, April 25th, 2014

If you use a central air conditioning system to cool down your house during spring and summer, then ductwork plays a necessary part in its operation. It’s best not to think of the ducts as a separate unit away from the AC, but as an extension of it. Problems in your ductwork will become problems with your cooling and also with your air conditioner.

At Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning, we both air conditioning and ductwork services, so we know exactly how the two operate together and the types of maintenance and repairs they need. When you have ductwork damage, such as corrosion, holes, or gaps, call us right away for repairs. Keeping your ductwork in Lincolnwood, IL in good shape is an important part of keeping your air conditioner in good shape throughout the warm season.

What Ductwork Damage Can Do to Your Air Conditioner

There are three key ways that damage to your ductwork affects your AC:

  • Reduction in cooling power: When breaks form along the tight air seal of ductwork, it lowers the air pressure inside and reduces the airflow to the vents. You’ll experience a drop in cooling power that won’t disappear until the damage is repaired.
  • Lowered efficiency: The loss of air pressure does more than damage the air conditioner’s cooling; it also forces it to work harder, and this puts extra stress on the system. Warm, humid air can also start to enter the ducts, making it more difficult for the AC to reach its target temperature without straining. This drop in energy efficiency will mean higher bills and possibly early repair needs.
  • Dust and dirt infiltration: Breaks along ducts usually open onto closed-in and dusty parts of your homes, like between walls and in crawlspaces. Dirt, dust, sawdust, and other debris will be drawn into the ducts, making them dirtier and also threatening to enter the air conditioner’s cabinet. This will cause extreme wear and tear on the components and could easily cause malfunctions.

How to Repair Your Ducts

The secret to repairing your ductwork is to call professionals to do it! It’s difficult to access your ducts on your own, and commercial duct tape is never an effective solution. You will need duct repair specialists to perform testing to find the damaged portions, and then seal any holes or breaks using mastic sealant or metallic tape.

Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning started in business a hundred years ago, and we’re still around because of the quality of service we provide. To keep your ductwork intact and your air conditioning in Lincolnwood, IL running without a hitch, call our technicians today. We have 24-hour emergency service. Give us a call today to schedule your next service appointment.

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3 Benefits of Commercial Boiler Maintenance

Friday, March 7th, 2014

A commercial boiler works in a manner very similar to a residential boiler, save that it’s larger and must handle a greater demand. Here in Lincolnwood IL, commercial boilers do yeoman duty in keeping the snow and cold at bay for all kinds of businesses. Repairs will crop up from time to time, just like any other appliance, and if you own a business with a commercial boiler, you would do very well to schedule routine maintenance from a qualified technician that specializes in commercial HVAC services. A maintenance session acts as a sort of tune-up for the boiler: cleaning dirty parts, fixing loose screws and bolts, and checking for any small problems that could turn into larger ones. Here are 3 benefits to commercial boiler maintenance that you should consider.

  • It reduces the risk of breakdowns
    This is perhaps the most important aspect of having your commercial boiler maintained regularly. A technician can spot any big problems while they’re still small ones, allowing you to schedule a repair session when it’s most convenient to you. You can set it up after hours, on a weekend, or even during a warm day when you won’t need the boiler. Contrast that to allowing a breakdown to take place. Not only will it likely cost you a lot more money, but it could break down at the worst possible time, forcing customers and employees to endure a chilly space.
  • It runs more efficiently
    Maintenance sessions help the boiler do its job without as much wasted energy. That cuts down on your monthly heating costs, which helps your bottom line.
  • It keeps your business comfortable
    An uncomfortable place of business means that your employees can’t work as efficiently and customers will stay away. That can be catastrophic to your business if you allow it to continue. A maintenance session can keep your boiler running the way it should.

The benefits of commercial boiler maintenance depend a great deal on the type of service you employ for it. Commercial boiler maintenance and other heating system services in Lincolnwood, IL, can be handled by the experts at Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning. We know the difference between residential boilers and commercial boilers, and we know how much your business depends on keeping yours running. Call us today and let us keep it in the best shape it can be!

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How Long Does Heat Pump Installation Take?

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Here in Lincolnwood IL, a heat pump installation is a common procedure. Heat pumps serve dual functions as both heaters and air conditioners, though in the Midwest they often rely on a smaller gas furnace to help heat your home on the coldest days. Either way, they cost less to run than traditional HVAC systems, which can make them very enticing to frugal homeowners. How long does heat pump installation take? That depends on the specifics, though a few general tips can help you make an estimate.

Some heat pump systems are designed to be connected to an existed centralized system, with an air handler to move conditioned air from the pumps throughout your house. In those cases, installation will be much simpler and faster than, say, installing a series of heat pumps as a ductless mini-split system, which would entail multiple heat pumps installed around your home.

Regardless of the elaborateness of the system, the basics for installing a heat pump are the same. You and the technician would select the best placed to install the unit: somewhere that shares an outside wall and which doesn’t have any potential obstacles nearby (such as bushes outside or a thermostat inside). A foundation is set up outside, one which can support your heat pump in the exact location required. Holes are drilled in the walls to run refrigerant lines and similar connectors between the inside part of the unit and the outside. The inside part of the unit is set up and installed, then the lines are insulated and run through the openings in the wall. The outside unit is then mounted and secured to its foundation, and the lines are connected and tested to make sure they are properly fitted and sealed. The installer will slowly equalize the pressure, then ensure that the refrigerant gas is fully charged before activating the unit.

Ideally, that process should take a day or less, though obviously it will be longer if the technician is installing multiple units as part of a ductless mini-split system. For more on how long heat pump installation takes in your circumstances, the experts at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning can help. We offer heating services in Lincolnwood, so rest assured we can provide an estimate on the time it will take before we start installation. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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Common Boiler Problems

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Boilers have provided heating for homes in Illinois for well over a century. There are good reasons that the ol’ boiler has hung around as long as it has. Boilers provide even and effective warmth without the air quality worries that you sometimes encounter with furnaces. Because they have few moving parts, boilers do not age as fast as other types of heating systems and usually last for many years with only a few repair needs. However, no heating system is indestructible. At some point, you will need boiler repair in Lincolnwood, IL.

When you do, trust to a company that’s been in business installing and repairing boilers since ’04… that’s 1904: Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning.

Here are the most common problems we see in boilers when we do repairs:


If the underground pipes in your home develop breaks, it can cause sediment to enter the boiler’s water tank. When the sediment begins to build up, it will reduce the water volume in the tank—causing the water to overheat and spiking the pressure to the point where it can cause serious leaks. Flushing the tank will remedy this problem most of the time. Make sure you get regular maintenance on your boiler, since flushing the system is a regular part of an inspection and tune-up.


Any place where metal meets water can lead to corrosion, a chemical reaction that will severely weaken your boiler’s water tank and cause it to start leaking. An anode rod on the top of the water tank helps prevent corrosion from getting inside, but if this rod rusts through entirely, the boiler will be at risk. If you get corrosion attended to early enough, technicians will usually have few problems removing the affected parts and replacing them. If the corrosion continues for too long, however, it could mean need to replace the whole tank.

Failed pilot light

This occurs in gas-powered burners, the most common models. If the burner develops too much grime, it can cut off the oxygen necessary for the pilot light to ignite, which will keep the burners from turning on. There might also be a problem with the gas line. If you can’t get a pilot light relit after it goes out, don’t try to fiddle with the burner or the gas line: get an HVAC specialist on the job.

If possible, you want your boiler to work past its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. To help it do that, make sure you schedule repairs as soon as you need them. Also sign up for a maintenance program that will see that your boiler gets an annual inspection and any necessary tune-ups. With proper care from Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning, you should have few worries: so call us today for your Lincolnwood, IL heating service needs!

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