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These Steps of Heating Installation will Help You Avoid Repairs


You might be wondering how exactly installation can help you avoid repairs. Well, simply put, when an HVAC system isn’t adequately installed, damages are a lot more likely. Inefficient operation is also a lot more likely, which exacerbates wear and tear. You could find yourself not only with an increased frequency in repairs, but a furnace that breaks down years before it should have.

That said, it is important that you only trust trained, qualified, and experienced professionals with your heating installation. We have very specific steps that we follow. We’ll outline these steps below, and let you know why it’s important that they get followed correctly. Read on, and then call us when you’re ready for a new heater that will work reliably and efficiently!

Step 1: We Remove the Old Heater

This sounds simple enough, right? However, homeowners would be unpleasantly surprised, if trying an installation on their own, to find that this is the most tedious part of the whole heating installation process. In most cases, it’s what takes the longest, too.

Removing the old heater isn’t just pulling it out and tossing it aside. If you are connected to a gas line, our professionals will need to take great care in ensuring nothing is damaged or knocked out of place.

We’ll also confirm that your new heater is properly sized for the space where you’re having it installed. No, we aren’t just referring to the physical volume of space it takes up–we mean that your furnace cannot be underpowered or overpowered, as it will not work as efficiently and reliably as it is meant to. This requires a heat load calculation done by experienced professionals.

Step 2: We Make Connections

Once your new furnace is placed–and typically this means bolting it to the floor as well–our professionals will connect the system to the components needed for its operation.

This includes your ventilation system–your ductwork. Your air ducts must be hooked up to your furnace or heat pump correctly so we avoid damaging them. Ductwork often has to be adjusted and shifted, too, during this process, which is where mistakes can happen, and do happen with amateur installations.

Next, our pros hook up your heater to its power source. There is safety to contend with, of course, with a gas-powered heating system. Any connections to your gas line require a specially licensed professional to manage.

Step 3: We Test the System

We wouldn’t be very good heating professionals if we didn’t test the system for proper operation and functionality before leaving your property. Otherwise, you’d have no way of knowing if your furnace or heat pump was working the way it was supposed to!

Our professionals will turn on your heating system, measure the intake and airflow, and make sure that the performance of your new heater will be efficient and safe.

For professional heating repair in Wilmette, IL, look no further than Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. Contact us today!

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