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What to Look for in a Heating Repair Technician

technician-looking-over-furnaceIt’s easy for an HVAC contractor to boast their good qualities. However, it’s not as easy to deliver on those promises. When you need a technician to come repair your heater, you deserve reliability and a job done right, from highly trained and experienced professionals. But how do you find a technician like this? We could tell you to just give us a call, but we want to encourage you to do your homework. Here’s a few qualities to look for in a trustworthy heating repair technician.

There Company Has a Physical Location

This may sound like a strange requirement, however almost any stable, for-profit company will have a physical base of operation. A company that doesn’t have this may have something suspicious going on, and we’d hate for you to be looped into a scam situation.

You can avoid this pitfall by doing your homework and diligently researching HVAC companies. It’s easy to do an online search or use a map app on your phone to see if there is, in fact, office space at that address. But if you have any concerns that the HVAC company you’ve chosen isn’t legitimate, we encourage you to check out the Better Business Bureau site.

They Carry Appropriate Licensing

Since HVAC installation and services are not exactly simple procedures, and can even be hazardous (particularly if you have a gas-powered heater), the technicians you hire need to have the right kind of knowledge and licensing to do their job.

Also, the employees of that company should be registered with the stat where the HVAC contractor is based, and be able to keep their license and related paperwork up to date. Before you decide to hire the contractor, be sure check on the status of their licensing.

They Are Professional in Dress and Demeanor

When it comes to service technicians, you should never expect someone to show up at your home in a suit and tie. It is reasonable, however, to expect HVAC pros to present themselves as professionally as possible, and take pride in their appearance and work.

This doesn’t mean they might not have streaks on their clothes from a previous job that day, but it does mean that they’ll be clean, courteous of your home, and will present themselves professionally.

They Are Prompt

This is probably the most important quality of a professional heating repair technician. Many reputable HVAC contractors will provide emergency services, such as our team. After all, is there any such thing as an HVAC problem that happens at a convenient time? Even if the situation isn’t an emergency though, your repair technician should still show up at their promised time and be able to get the job done efficiently with as minimal wasted time as possible.

They Have Thorough HVAC Knowledge

Last, but certainly not least, the heating repair technician you hire should have extensive HVAC knowledge. After all, you want to be confident in their ability, right? If your repair technician cannot explain you exactly what is wrong with your heater and how it will be fixed in simple terms or if they seem unsure of their solution, it’s probably a sign you need to look elsewhere.

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