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Why Is a Correctly Sized Air Conditioning System Important?

Are you looking to purchase a new air conditioner for your home? If so, you’re likely to approach the purchase like you would any other appliance. You’ll probably look for the biggest unit available within your budget. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. A professionally installed and sized air conditioner is vital for your system’s efficiency and your home comfort.

When our HVAC technicians come to size your unit, they look at many factors, including the correct BTUs (British Thermal Units) needed. BTUs are a measurement of the cooling capacity of an AC system. This is just one of many factors our professionals look at: if any factors are missed then you could very well find yourself with a premature system replacement.

Why Is an Incorrectly Sized AC a Problem?

What happens if your air conditioner is too small? Well, your home won’t be able to reach the correct temperature, despite your air conditioner running for long periods of time to try to get to that desired temperature. Eventually, this will cause your compressor to overheat and you’ll most likely need to replace your air conditioner as a result.

Too large of a system causes trouble as well. If your system is too big then it can’t cycle long enough to remove humidity from the air—a process called short-cycling. Short-cycling is when your AC system shuts on and off rapidly, which can cause a good amount of damage to your compressor.

How Do I Correctly Size My Air Conditioner?

The good news is, you don’t have to know how to size an AC system. Our highly trained HVAC professionals will look at a variety of factors to determine the best system for your home. These factors include:

  • Type of Insulation in Your Home
  • Type of Home Construction
  • Type of Windows
  • Placement of Windows and Doors
  • Shading Outside of Home
  • Number of Occupants in the Home

For expert air conditioner installation throughout Chicago, IL and beyond, contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning.

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