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Why Should You Never Skip Commercial Boiler Maintenance?

If you own a commercial building or run a business in the Chicagoland area, then there is no need to tell you just how important it is that you have an effectively and efficiently working heating system. Many commercial settings in the area use boilers, as they are an extremely beneficial choice given our potentially severe winters.

However, if your commercial building’s boiler is not kept in good shape, it can present safety hazards. The number one way to ensure that your boiler is in fact in good working order is to schedule regular maintenance. Heating system maintenance is best performed right before periods of heavy use—so for folks in our area that means right now is the best time!

What Could Happen if You Skip this Service?

For starters, your burners can begin to work inefficiently, and when this happens, your boiler system will need to consume more energy than it would typically need to. This will cause an increase in your monthly energy bills, and could possibly lead to a shorter lifespan for your system as it will be working harder than it needs to.

Pilot light failure is another common issue with commercial boiler systems. While this is a problem you’d likely notice right away as the boiler will fail to function, regular maintenance can help ensure that your boiler is in good condition to reduce the risk of this occurring.

One final issue—but certainly not the least important one—with skipping maintenance is the risk of a fire. If there isn’t an adequate supply of gas or water (depending on what model of commercial boiler you use) then what’s called a dry fire can occur. This is typically caused by a malfunction in the low-water or gas cut-offs.

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