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Why You Should Consider Combustion Analysis for Your Home

Combustion analysis is a means of measuring the efficiency of your furnace or boiler. Both of those systems burn fuel to create heat for your home. In the case of furnaces, it’s usually natural gas, while in the case of boilers, it’s usually oil. The Chicagoland area has a wide variety of heating system services available and a Chicago heater in need of combustion analysis might burn an alternate type of fuel as well. But all of them generate exhaust gases that need to be vented for safety reasons. That allows a trained technician to measure the air-to-fuel ratio of your system, and determine whether it’s acting as efficiently as it could. That’s the biggest reason why you should consider combustion analysis for your home.

The mixture of fuel and air is key, because it allows the technician to determine where and how your heating system could be functioning better. If there’s too much air, for example, it could be that additional air is entering the system through a leak or the like. If there’s too little air, the air may be escaping the same way. It could also be that some component or piece of equipment is malfunctioning. Whatever the problem, combustion analysis provides a good tool for pinpointing it, which can then help you determine your next step.

Regardless of the outcome of a combustion analysis, you benefit from the gained knowledge. If it’s a question of replacing a few parts or hunting down a leak, the act could lead to reducing your heating system’s inefficiency and saving you money in your monthly bills. If something more substantial is called for, it lets you get a jump on it and make the change before it causes more damage to your system

Regardless of the exact situation, you should consider combustion analysis for your home as a way of pinpointing any general problems your heating system may be experiencing. With a Chicago heater, you can trust the experts at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. We can perform an expert combustion analysis for you, then discuss your options with an eye on what’s best for your household. Call us today to make an appointment!

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