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Why You Shouldn’t Use Duct Tape on Your Ductwork

It seems like a natural fit; using duct tape to fix your ducts. The name alone suggests a natural fit, and duct tape is an extremely versatile tool that can be used in a wide variety of situations. Unfortunately, HVAC ductwork isn’t one of them. Duct systems experience a unique set of conditions which duct tape is completely unsuited for. Here in Glenview IL, ductwork problems should be resolved by professional ductwork service contractors. Trying to seal a leak or clean up dust with duct tape only wastes your time.

Here’s why you shouldn’t use duct tape on your ductwork.

Ducts depend on a clean seal to function. If leaks spring up, they will bring in non-conditioned air, which makes it harder to achieve the temperature your home requires. That means the HVAC system needs to expend more energy, costing you in monthly heating/cooling bills. Furthermore, leaky ducts may bring in dust from outside the system, then spread it throughout your home. That lowers the quality of your indoor air, as well as exacerbating allergies for family members who suffer from them.

All of which is a lengthy way of saying that when leaks arise, they need to be properly sealed. And duct tape simply can’t do the job effectively in this instance. A study by the University of Berkeley found that most forms of duct tape couldn’t last three months when sealing the breach in a duct, and some brands failed within a few days. They were the only kinds of sealants that didn’t work.

That’s why you need a professional service to seal your ducts, ensuring that they stay closed and don’t leave your system vulnerable to outside air. A good service knows what sealants to use with particular duct systems and how to make sure the leak is sealed for good. All of your duct and other indoor air quality service needs in Glenview can be handled by the experts at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning, who know how to do the job properly. If you know why you shouldn’t use duct tape on your ductwork, the next step is to give us a call. We’ll make sure the issue gets handled right.

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