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Your Ductless AC Might Need Repair If…


Air conditioning repair is not a service you should wait on when you know or suspect you need it. This is especially true for ductless cooling and heating systems, that have unique qualities and equally unique repair needs.

While an air handler can be easily replaced, it’s not the cheapest purchase to make, especially if the problem that led to the replacement could have been avoided. And then if the outdoor unit–namely, the compressor–fails, you’re really out of luck!

Essentially, the longer you wait to have your air conditioner professionally repaired, the higher chance there is of a complete system breakdown. And when you do need AC repair, we’re the team to call! But how do you know when there’s a need? Read on as we uncover a few of the top ways to tell if your ductless air conditioner needs repairs.

It’s Not Keeping You Cool

First we have to ask, is every air handler struggling to provide cool air to your home? If so, this is almost certainly due to a problem with the outdoor unit. It may be that a refrigerant leak has occurred. Or you may have an electrical problem.

Whatever the cause, this is serious and can soon impact the entire system. It’s best to call for repairs right away.

If the problem is occurring in just a single air handler, then first you should check the air filter. Is it clogged up? This can restrict airflow going in and therefore impact the refrigerant process and disallow the outdoor unit from providing cool air back into your home. In the absence of a clogged air filter, you may be dealing with an indoor refrigerant leak, in which case it’s time to call the pros!

What if the air coming out of your air handlers isn’t lukewarm, but is hot? Check to see that the thermostat is actually set in cooling mode. If it is and this is occurring, your reversing valve may have the system stuck in heating mode.

Your Utility Bills Are Costly

This is subjective. Of course, everyone thinks their utility bills are too high–especially in the summer. But we aren’t talking generalities here.

We want you to take a look at what you’re paying now versus what you were paying this same time last year or even what your neighbors are paying for similar use.

Are your bills significantly higher this year? This is a sign that something is causing your ductless system to perform inefficiently.

You Hear Unsettling Noises

Ductless systems are much quieter than more traditional types of air conditioners, especially if you’re only running one or two air handlers at a time. So, if you hear a sound you haven’t before coming from the air handler or the outdoor unit, you’re right to be alarmed.

Don’t make assumptions when it comes to strange noises. The best thing you can do for your system and for your comfort is to give the pros a call. Describe the issue and let us get to the bottom of the problem so we can adequately address it.

For expert Chicago ductless services, contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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