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Chicago, IL Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Systems

Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and Cooling – Take the interactive tour

Mitsubishi ductless tour

Mitsubishi uses advanced technology to provide you with maximum comfort control while cutting back on your home’s energy consumption. The outdoor unit is small and easy to hide behind foilage, and the indoor units come in a variety of options as well so you can find an option that best suits your needs. And installation is a breeze, usually completed within a day.

Key Features

  • INVERTER–driver compressor systems
  • Zone control
  • Standard and enhanced filtration
  • Hot–Start technology
  • i–see Sensor
  • H2i technology
  • Ability to control each room individually with controllers
Mitsubishi ductless outdoor system
Mitsubishi ductless indoor system

INVERTER–driven compressor systems use only the exact amount of energy needed to cool or heat an area. So you can save energy and money while enjoying complete control over your comfort year–round.

Zone control is one of the main technological benefits our systems offer, enabling you to control the temperature within any space that has an indoor unit installed. The ability to condition the spaces in use and not keep unoccupied spaces conditioned allows exceptional energy conservation. Individualized comfort control is available from one to eight rooms connected to a single outdoor unit.

Standard and enhanced filtration systems provide air filtration that utilizes washable filters that can last up to 10 years; this feature is good both for you and the environment. Hybrid Catechin and blue–enzyme filters contained in each indoor unit remove allergens; each room has its own filter, therefore preventing cross contamination of air from room to room. Select systems incorporate an additional Platinum Catalyst filter for additional odor elimination.

Hot–Start™ technology regulates the fan on the indoor unit so that it does not blow any air until the unit has reached the desired temperature, thus preventing drafts of cold air.

Mitsubishi system

i–see™ Sensor scans the lower portions of the room to detect hot or cold spots and to adjust temperature and airflow accordingly to maintain consistent comfort.

H2i® technology, available on select systems, provides heating capability effectively and efficiently even when temperatures outside fall as low as –13º F.  This technology provides heat in extreme climates either to supplement existing systems or to serve as the main system in a new addition.

Control each room individually with handheld or wall–mounted smart controllers. Our controllers put comfort a push of a button away. Select Mode, Temperature, Fan Speed, Airflow, timer functions and more.

The video below was a Shavitz installation!

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