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Nortec: RH2 Residential Humidifier

The importance of having
an RH2 humidifier in your home

The RH humidifier features the same state–of–the–art electronic technology as our commercial units, delivering accurate and dependable humidification to your home.

Comfort and health

Studies show correct interior humidity levels minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses avoiding the problems associated with dry throats and nasal passages during the winter months while also keeping your skin supple.

Nortec RH2 electrode steam humidifiers remove calcium and minerals from the water used so only clean, pure steam is added to indoor air, making the air in your home healthier to breathe.

Protect valuable furnishings, instruments and art

Wood and upholstered furniture, drapes, carpets and other fabrics around your home will all deteriorate more rapidly if they get too dry or too wet. They need correct humidity to maintain their shape and strength. The same goes for fine art, antiques and expensive musical instruments, especially pianos, violins and related strings and woodwinds.

Reduce static electricity

Prevent those annoying static electricity shocks in the winter time by keeping your house humidified using the Nortec RH2.


  • Pure, clean, sterile steam humidification
  • Easy cleaning using disposable cylinder
  • Auto–adaptive technology adapts to changing water conditions
  • Automatic fill and drain cycles

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