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Chicago Furnace Installation and Maintenance by Shavitz

For over 100 years, the friendly experts at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning have provided quality heating services throughout the Chicagoland area. We’ve worked with countless customers to help them find a new furnace that matches their home’s size and their budget. Call the Chicago furnace installation specialists at Shavitz if your furnace does not work or if you need a heating system for your new home. One of the best things that you can do for the efficient and consistent operation of your furnace is professional installation. Here at Shavitz, we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction and to the level of work that we do. We’re so confident in the skills of our technicians that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. If your furnace is old or requires frequent repairs, call the Chicago furnace installation and replacement specialists at Shavitz.

Chicago Heating: Gas Furnaces vs. Electric Furnaces

Here at Shavitz, our expert technicians have the experience and training to install both gas and electric type furnaces. There are tremendous advantages to both types of systems and you should always talk with a professional furnace contractor before you make a decision about which one you want in your home. While gas furnaces tend to be bigger and need to have a flue installed to exhaust combustion gases, they tend to cost less to run because the price of natural gas is almost always cheaper than electricity. Electric furnaces are a great option for homes that don’t have an existing gas line and they are 100% efficient, but they normally use more energy to heat your home and tend to cost more up front. Call the Chicago furnace installation and replacement experts at Shavitz if you have any questions about getting a new furnace.

Benefits of Professional Chicago Furnace Installation

When you need to have a new furnace installed, make sure that you work with the Chicago furnace installation professionals at Shavitz. We have years of experience working with all different types and brands of furnaces—both electric and gas furnaces. One of the most important parts of the furnace installation process is to make sure that it is the right size for your home. If your new furnace is too big or too small it could cause serious problems, including overheating and, in some cases, carbon monoxide poisoning. Contact the Chicago furnace installation technicians at Shavitz to talk with us about how we can help you keep your home comfortable and safe.

Why Get Chicago Furnace Replacement?

There are a few very important benefits for replacing your home’s furnace. Here are a few of the most important benefits of furnace replacement.

Increased efficiency
New furnaces can have AFUE ratings of up to 98%, which means that only 2% of the fuel they consume is wasted. Some older furnaces have AFUE ratings of around 60%, which means that they waste almost half of the fuel that they consume.
Greater consistency
If your furnace isn’t heating your home enough or if it turns off and on frequently, you would likely stand to gain more consistent and comfortable heating in your home with a new system.
New furnaces have a wide range of safety features that can potentially protect your home from damage.
Reduced repair
If your furnace has started to require more frequent repair, you may be able to reduce the need for those repairs with a new furnace.

Call the Chicago furnace replacement experts at Shavitz if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you achieve comfortable heating in your home.

The Chicago furnace experts at Shavitz offer quality repair, installation and other heating services throughout the North Chicago area including Evanston, IL and Glenview, IL.