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Have You Scheduled Your Heating System Maintenance Yet?


We’re well into fall, and time is ticking down on your opportunity to stay ahead of heating maintenance for this heating season. In fact, we have less than a few weeks until winter is here. And once the heating season really sets in, our team will begin to take more calls for emergency service – mostly for homes that didn’t invest in heating maintenance this year.

If you’re ready to invest in furnace maintenance in Skokie before winter sets in, now is the time to call us. Not sure if heating maintenance is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of furnace maintenance for your home. 

Furnace Maintenance Vs Furnace Repairs

Are you wondering how furnace maintenance is different than furnace repairs? It’s possible that we make small repairs during a service appointment. But these repairs are a way to stay ahead of major repairs that are causing problems for your heater. 

Usually, you call for furnace repairs because something is obviously wrong. You hear something unusual, there’s a bad smell coming from your air vents, or your heater isn’t working as it should. Maintenance is a way to prevent these things from ever happening. 

Heater Tune-Up Benefits

Do you want to prevent surprise repairs? Invest in heater maintenance. When you know that your heater is in the best possible shape, you can rest easy because problems are less likely. Other benefits of heating maintenance include:

  • Reliable heat – When your heater is working at its best you know that you’ll have reliable heat. This means that air blowing from your heater vents will be hot and not lukewarm. It also means that each room has even heat instead of one room being significantly hotter or colder than the other rooms in your home. 
  • Energy efficiency – Maintenance is an investment in how well your heater works. Without maintenance, your heater loses a little of its energy efficiency year after year. At first, it may not seem like much, but after five or ten years your energy use is up high enough that it’s concerning. Sure, heater maintenance costs money, but it’s an investment. You get money back on your investment partially through energy savings. 
  • Lower expenses – When you use less energy, your energy costs go down. But your savings extend beyond energy savings. When there’s less wear and tear because of lower energy use, you also save money because your heater lasts longer before needing to be replaced.

Scheduling maintenance is also much easier than scheduling an emergency repair. Sure, our team can respond quickly when you have an emergency, but we may or may not have the parts in stock to repair your heater the same day. It depends on how many other emergency repairs we have at the same time. With maintenance, you have time to spare. But when there’s an emergency, you want your heat to work again right away. It’s about being proactive instead of reactive. 

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