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How Damaged Ducts Impact Your Energy Bills


Your ductwork plays a vital role in heating and cooling your home. If you have problems with your ductwork, your home may never reach a comfortable temperature as you expect. And it’s not just about your home’s comfort. Damaged ductwork can also have negative impacts on your energy bills.

If you think that you need AC duct repair, our team can help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about why even the smallest bit of ductwork damage can cost you on your monthly energy bills.

Ductwork Isn’t Secure

Your ductwork is not particularly sturdy. In fact, most ductwork is made to be flexible on purpose so that once installed in your home, our technicians can lay it out to fit your home’s individual heating and cooling needs. But, the ductwork should still be secure. This means that all of the pieces fit together correctly, and the ductwork doesn’t move around as airflow blows through. 

If your ductwork is not secure, it may collapse and lead to blockages or lost air. It’s also possible that the inside lining can come loose and block airflow. If the airflow is never reaching your home, then your home is never reaching your desired temperature.

Your HVAC system will continue working, and may even begin to work harder without producing any better results. This can cost you on your monthly energy bills as your energy use increases. 

When it comes to your ductwork being secure, we also want to assess the seals around each connection. Your ductwork is a variety of pieces that all fit together. And where they fit together, the seals need to be airtight. If they aren’t, holes and seal breaks can allow conditioned air to escape. As air continues passing through, the seals can weaken even more.

Cracks and Holes

Your ductwork needs to be completely airtight for it to work correctly. Even the tiniest hole can allow a lot of air to escape and never reach the rooms of your home. The problem with very small holes is that they can spread and get larger over time. Once you reach the point of losing around 20% of your heated or cooled airflow, that’s a problem. In fact, a loss of 20% conditioned air can cost you as much as 50% more on your monthly energy bills. These same cracks and holes also allow dust and dirt to get into your ductwork and blow through your home, lowering your indoor air quality.

Installation Defects

If you have any concerns about how your ductwork was installed, give us a call. It’s possible that your ductwork was not laid out as efficiently as it could have been, or that the ductwork was not sized correctly for your home. Our team can take a look and offer solutions. This may include rearranging the ductwork so the air can flow better, or replacing some portions of the material.

Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted resource for Chicagoland area home services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for ductwork services.

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