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How to Determine When It’s Time to Replace Your Heater


As many of us in Winnetka know, the winters can be harsh. If your furnace isn’t up to par, it can not only make it uncomfortable at home, but it can also cause damage to your house if there’s no heat. 

To keep that from happening, you need to know when it’s time to replace your heater so you can catch issues before they turn into big problems. Here are 5 signs that it’s time to upgrade your heater. 

1) Your Furnace Makes Strange Noises

If you’re listening, your furnace will tell you something is wrong. This is one of the most obvious signs that your heater is malfunctioning. Some of the noises include hissing, banging, humming, buzzing, rattling, and squealing. Really, you should only ever hear it kick on or off. 

It’s especially time for a replacement if you’ve had it repaired and the noises return. And while we’re on the topic of senses, if you smell anything weird, that’s another sign something is off.

2) You’re Always Calling Repairmen to Come to Fix Your Heater

We’re always here to help! But if you keep calling for the same reasons (or multiple different ones), then that’s another sign it’s time for an upgrade. Under normal conditions, you shouldn’t need your furnace serviced more than once every few years due to typical wear and tear.

If you’re constantly replacing parts and having your heat go out, it’s time to make the investment into a new one.

3) Your Furnace’s Age Matters

Another important factor is the age of your furnace. Typically, heaters are expected to last somewhere between 15-20 years. Anything over, then it’s definitely time to start thinking about an upgrade, even if your current unit seems to be working fine.

Newer furnaces are often more energy-efficient too, meaning you’ll benefit from the cost savings on your gas or electric bill.

4) Energy Bills Are Getting More Expensive

If you’re spending more on your energy bill than usual, that’s another signal that your heater isn’t working the way it should. It means your heater is doing more work to keep the place warm, which also means it’s more likely to break down from the extra effort.

Don’t let your furnace ruin your budget. Invest in a new unit to bring the price back down to its normal range.

5) Your Heater Isn’t Heating

Noticing cool or weak air coming from the ducts? That’s an obvious clue that your heater isn’t doing its job. You should be comfortable and warm during the winter. So, if you experience this, consider going for an upgrade. In the end, the entire point of having a furnace is so there’s hot air flowing out from the vents.

Heating Repair in Winnetka, IL You Can Count On

Do any of these fit the description of your heater? We’ve got you covered!

Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted resource for reliable heating repair in Winnetka, IL. Contact us today.

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