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Signs That You May Need Heat Pump Repair

If you have a heat pump in your home, you know that it is the most crucial component that keeps your home warm in the winter. You may not think much about your heat pump when it’s working well – but what happens when something goes wrong? The thing about heat pump repairs is that they don’t pop up overnight. 

Usually, something relatively small goes wrong and then spread throughout your system until your heat pump stops working. But you don’t have to wait to address repair needs until your heat pump stops working completely. Instead, you can invest in heat pump repair the moment you know that something is wrong instead of putting it off for later. Keep reading to learn the early signs that you may need a heat pump repair.

Age of Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps only last for so long. Even with the best care and regularly scheduled maintenance, your heat pump’s life is limited. If your heat pump is at least 15 years old, that’s the number one sign that you may need repairs. As your heat pump gets older, it is likely to need repairs more frequently. You may have to weigh the costs of making repairs versus replacing the heat pump entirely and investing in a new system. 

Ice On the Outdoor Coil

It’s normal to see ice on the outdoor portion of your heat pump. It’s cold outside and ice can accumulate. The problem occurs when the ice persists and doesn’t thaw out. If you see ice on your coils that doesn’t defrost periodically, you may have a problem. Watch the ice to see if it restricts any components or gets thicker over time. Ice can get so thick that it blocks airflow and prevents your heat pump from working efficiently to cool your home.

Less Airflow

If you hold your hand up while your heat pump is on, you should feel a stream of warm air. If the airflow feels weak or lukewarm, there may be something wrong that needs repair. Moving air is the way that your heat pump gets your home to a comfortably warm temperature. When you have poor airflow, something is blocking passageways inside your heat pump system. This makes your heat pump work harder to heat your home without the results you expect. 

Unusual Sounds

You may hear clicking or other unusual sounds once in a while if you have a heat pump. But if these noises become more frequent or get louder, something may be wrong. A persistent sound may be a small loose component that is knocking around or causing friction. Louder sounds may mean that a larger component is loose. 

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are increasing consistently – even just a little at a time – it may mean that your heat pump is losing efficiency. Over time, your heat pump naturally loses efficiency. Regular maintenance can help you keep some of this efficiency, but eventually, you lose efficiency even faster. Your heat pump may be using more energy to produce the same results. 

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