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Uncommon Air Conditioner Repairs You Might Run Into

A lot of homeowners want to know about common AC repairs that they can expect to happen. But it is equally important to know about the less common AC repairs. Especially since the signs of these types of repairs may be different or more difficult to identify. 

We hope you don’t have to call us for one of these uncommon air conditioning repairs in Chicago. But, if you do, we are here to help. You can keep reading below to learn about some of the uncommon AC repairs that we see in the area. Then you’ll know how to identify them and stay ahead of any problematic repair needs.

Rodent Problems

When you think of rodents getting into your house, your air conditioner is probably the last thing on your mind. But small animals can have a big impact on your air conditioner if they get into your home. Especially since critters are drawn to the air that your air conditioner provides during the hot summer months. 

They get into your ductwork by chewing through the duct material or breaking seals at duct joints. Once inside, they may leave droppings behind that cause bad odors to circulate through your home. Then you have two problems because conditioned air is also escaping through the chewed holes. When this happens, you don’t just have to repair your air conditioner. You also have to prevent the rodents from getting in again so that you don’t have the same problem in the future. 

Water Damage

Leaks are another problem that you probably don’t attribute to being an air conditioning problem but it’s possible. After all, your air conditioner relies on electrical connections, and we all know that water and electricity do not mix.

Water leaks can also allow mold and mildew to spread throughout your HVAC system since it is the perfect environment for those spores to thrive. This can pose health problems for your family, but mold and mildew can also lead to structural problems as well. The growths can eat through materials and cause your AC to operate poorly. 

Outdoor Unit Not Level

When your air conditioner gets installed, the team you hired should have done their due diligence to make sure your outdoor unit was completely secure. However, over time things can change. Your outdoor unit has to be up off the ground and completely level. To achieve this, sometimes we will level out the ground to best suit the outdoor portion of your air conditioning unit. 

We also lay a concrete slab down if there isn’t one already so that your unit is not directly on the soft ground. But if this foundation shifts so that it is tilting to one side, or it begins sinking down into the ground, that is a major problem. You want to give us a call right away when this happens because it can cause enough damage that your outdoor unit may need to be replaced. Dirt and moisture can be problematic for your outdoor unit, but they back up into the lines and get into your indoor unit, too.

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