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Why Ductwork Is No Longer Necessary for Efficient Heating!


You may have read the title of this blog post and be scratching your head at this point. How is it that your heating system can even work, yet be efficient if it lacks ductwork? Your air ducts are what bring the conditioned/heated air into your living space from your HVAC systems, after all!

Well, you apparently have not yet heard of ductless systems! The fact is, you’ve probably seen them even if you didn’t recognize them for what they are. Instead of using ductwork, a ductless system includes one outdoor unit connected to up to four indoor air handlers. Each air handler can be controlled independently of one another, and is connected to the outdoor unit via a conduit containing a power line, condensate line, and refrigerant line.

These air handlers are typically wall-mounted above doorways or even floor-mounted in some cases. They are the chosen method of heating for more and more homeowners these days–and we’re about to tell you why below.

The Qualities of a Ductless HVAC System

As the name suggests, ductless heating and cooling systems don’t require any ductwork in order to circulate air throughout your home. Instead, as we mentioned above, it utilizes air handlers that are installed in the various rooms of your home. Each of these air handlers has its own thermostat, though they can also all be controlled by one.

Installation is a little more involved than it would be with a central air conditioner. This is because modern homes aren’t set up for a ductless system. That’s not to say installation is super invasive! It just takes a conduit running from the outdoor unit to each air handler, via a small hole drilled in the drywall behind where each air handler will be installed.

Ductless systems offer customers:

  • High Energy Efficiency: Ductless heating and cooling systems are far more efficient than other types of heating and cooling systems. This is very much in part to the fact that there isn’t any ductwork to worry about, and therefore you’ll never have to worry about ductwork damage or air leaks. Leaky HVAC ductwork actually can account for about 30% of air loss, even though that’s conditioned air you’d otherwise be paying for.
  • Versatility: When you have multiple air handlers that each work independently from each other, you’ll have fewer household squabbles over the thermostat! This is a benefit all on its own–but there’s a practical advantage to this as well. Let’s say you’re cooking and using your oven and your stovetop. You won’t need to necessarily run the ductless system in the kitchen and dining area on a mild enough day, although your bedrooms may still need heating. This allows you to keep each area of your home comfortable at all times.

These are just the two main benefits of going ductless. We’re happy to talk to you about the advantages of such a system, and if going ductless is right for your household!

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