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How Does a Gas Furnace Heat My Home?

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Gas furnaces have proven to be reliable source of heat for many households, and in towns like Skokie IL, gas furnace repair services deal with the same basic technology used for decades. The components improve, the systems become more efficient, but gas furnaces are so prevalent because the fundamentals they use to heat your home remain unchanged. “How does a gas furnace heat my home?” you may be asking. The answers reveal much not just about how home heating works, but what happens when your gas furnace breaks down.

Most gas furnaces used “forced air” systems, which bear a certain resemblance to air conditioning systems (and which explain why your furnace may use the same system of ducts that your air conditioning system does). It starts with the thermostat, which detects when the temperature in your home drops below your prescribed level. That triggers the flow of gas into a combustion chamber, which is then lit by an igniter or a pilot light. The burning gas heats up the air very quickly. A fan or blower then moves the air into your duct system and throughout your home, warming the temperature until it’s comfortable.

It’s an effective system, though it requires a number of components to work in sync. When one of them fails, the entire system is compromised. Many times, the furnace will shut off when a problem arises, since the gas it uses to generate heat can become dangerous if it leaks out of the system. In other cases, such as an overload of the fan motor, the system will shut down to prevent further damage to other components.

If you know the answer to “how gas furnaces heat my home?” you’re better equipped to spot such problems and to summon a qualified repair service promptly. The experts at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning handle Skokie, IL gas furnace repair and can correct any problems your furnace may be experiencing. Give us a call today to set up an appointment. We’ll discuss your options with you and implement a repair plan with your complete satisfaction in mind.

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Common Ductwork Repairs

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

You probably have ductwork in your home to allow your furnace or AC to channel air to different rooms. Problems inside your ducts will affect your entire HVAC system, and they need to have repairs as soon as possible. However, you shouldn’t attempt to access your ducts on your own to attempt to fix them: you will likely cause further damage. When your ducts need repairs, you should call in trained technicians to handle the work.

For your Winnetka, IL ductwork repairs, trust Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all the jobs that we do.

Common ductwork repairs we often perform include:

Sealing leaks

Homeowners often think that leaks in their ducts don’t need professional repair. After all, there is this wonderful miracle product called “duct tape” that can handle it! Well, duct tape isn’t for ducts (in fact, its original name was “duck tape,” which it likely earned because of its water resistant properties) and laboratory tests have shown duct tape won’t hold up as a repair for breaks and leaks in ductwork. Professionals use special metallic tape and resin-based sealants to stop up places in your ducts where you will lose air pressure and reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Replacing worn insulation

Ducts need to remain sealed systems so that they won’t lose air pressure. An important part of keeping them sealed is insulation. This prevents heat from entering the ducts during the cooling season and heat from escaping them during the heating season. Ducts that lose insulation from age or water damage will lose their effectiveness, whether they’re bringing you hot or cold air.

Mold remediation

The dark recesses of ducts are ideal spots for mold and other micro-bacteria to grow. This poses a danger to your air quality, and is difficult to remove with standard cleaning. Fortunately, modern technology offers a solution: UV germicidal lights. These lamps project ultraviolet light that destroys the structure of the cells of micro-bacteria, killing them as well as discouraging their return.

For over a hundred years and four generations, Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning has delivered Chicagoland quality home comfort service. Who better can you trust with your repairs then a company with a century of experience? Contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today when you need repairs on your ductwork or any other HVAC services in Winnetka, IL.

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What Are the Benefits of Getting Regular Heating Maintenance?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

When it comes to heating, Morton Grove, IL residents know better than to fool around. Our cold winters make a reliable heating system an absolute necessity, providing a warm and comfortable environment in the face of even the fiercest snowstorm. Part of maintaining that heating system is a regular series of maintenance calls, performed by a trained technician and designed to keep your heater functioning at maximum efficiency. The technician will clean any dirty parts, replace worn components like screws and fittings, and red-flag any potential trouble areas for a more significant repair session. What are the benefits of getting regular heating maintenance?

A few of the answers can be found below.

  • It improves efficiency. A heating unit that is clean and features tight fittings around various components will perform far more efficiently than one that is dirty and run-down. That means it won’t have to work as hard to warm your home and will spend less energy to do so: reducing your monthly heating bills in the process.
  • It reduces the risk of larger repairs. Small problems have a way of turning into bigger ones if they aren’t addressed. For example, a loose washer can turn into a condensation leak, which can in turn short out a motor, which then damages the heating coils to the point where the whole heater shuts down. Replacing the washer before things get that far would cost considerably less than replacing the motor and the heating coils after a failure has taken place.
  • It extends the life of the heater. With less strain on the system you can expect your heater to last longer than it normally would. That means deferring the day when you finally have to replace it and ensuring that you get the maximum possible value out of your heater.

In matters of heating services in Morton Grove, IL, we have a solution. The experts we employ at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning can show you the benefits of getting regular heating maintenance, then set up a schedule that meets your needs. Give us a call today and let us show you what a difference we can make!

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Best Ways to Maintain Your Park Ridge Heater

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Are you concerned about the condition or functionality of your heater? Do you find that your heater does not meet your expectations? Are your energy bills high? As the heating season rapidly approaches us here in Park Ridge, IL, residents throughout the area are looking to make sure that their heaters are prepared to combat the low temperatures and dry air. Whatever type or brand of heater that you have, it needs to be properly cared for throughout its service life. There’s no better time than right now to get your heater in good working order. Here are some things that you can do to maximize your heater’s performance this winter.

  • Schedule a tune-up. First and foremost, schedule a heating tune-up. This is the best way to ensure that your heater has everything it needs. A comprehensive heating maintenance service visit incorporates inspection, cleaning and adjustments. A pro inspection is important because it lets us find any issues that may be lurking with your heater. It’s a great idea even for systems that are relatively new. A comprehensive cleaning of your entire system gives your heater the opportunity to function like new, and any electrical or temperature adjustments keep everything in good working order.
  • Regularly change the air filter.  It’s important to change the air filter if you own a furnace or heat pump. The reason for this is simple. The air filter is designed to protect your system components from debris, but when it becomes clogged, it can actually have an adverse effect on the ability of your heater to function. It cuts down on efficiency and can inhibit the passage of heated air.
  • Use appropriately. Do you know how to operate your heater for maximum effectiveness? Speak to your local heating technician for some tips, and to learn more about upgrades. A programmable thermostat may be able to improve your energy savings and comfort this heating season, and installing a zone control system is a great way to improve control over your system.

Call Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today for all of your heating service needs in Park Ridge, IL. Let us take care of your heater so that it works well all winter long.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Heater Working Well This Winter

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Chicago heating repairs are usually called in at the worst time of the year: when temperatures are freezing and the snow piles high in drifts. The last thing you want is a faulty heater during those cold months, forcing you and your family to wait until a repair service can reach you through the weather-snarled traffic. You can avoid this fate by practicing a little preventative care.

Here are 3 tips to keep your heater working well this winter.

  1. Schedule a maintenance call before the snow falls. As soon as air conditioning season ends, contact a service technician to give your unit a once-over. Maintenance services can clean dirty components, tighten loose fittings and replace any worn parts with new ones. If more serious repairs are needed, the technician can identify them and schedule a more thorough repair service well before the temperatures drop too far. All of that will ensure that your heater is ready to go the first day it’s called upon.
  2. Consider energy-saving upgrades. Your existing system may work fine, but a few tweaks and additions will help you save money without skimping on the heat. For example, zone control systems allow you to turn the heat on to only one section of the house, preventing needless energy expenditure by heating unused rooms and hallways. Or think about a programmable thermostat, which lets you turn the heat down when you go to work, then up again ten minutes before you get home.
  3. Look for warning signs. Repairs often announce themselves with small warning signs: your bills going up even though you haven’t used the heater more than normal, for instance, or the air coming in cooler than you expect. The faster you move on these issues, the better, since speedy repair can often prevent larger problems.

For further tips to keep your heater working well this winter, and to schedule a maintenance or repair call, contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ve handled Chicago heating repair for over four generations, and our trained staff can suggest a plan that works for your particular circumstances. 24 hour emergency service is available, so don’t hesitate!

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