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Why Do Business Owners Choose Rooftop AC Installation?

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

When it comes to providing effective heating and air conditioning to businesses and commercial properties throughout Chicagoland, the most popular option on the market is the packaged rooftop HVAC system. You’re familiar with these, even if you think you aren’t.

You can probably look up at any commercial space, including apartment buildings, and see modular units on top of the roof. Maybe you never noticed these were full-service HVAC systems, but they’re actually pretty popular for areas such as ours with a big population and lots of buildings.

Why are these such a popular choice? Read on to find out!

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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Commercial Air Conditioner

Monday, June 29th, 2015

With summer upon us, many people are placing a high priority on keeping cool. This is especially important in commercial buildings, which typically have more problems with things like climate control. Though your commercial air conditioner is a great asset for keeping comfortable during the summer, it doesn’t endure forever. It’s important to recognize when your commercial air conditioner is getting close to breaking down permanently, so you can have it replaced as soon as possible. Read on for some of the more common signs that your air conditioner is in need of replacement.

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Signs That You Need to Commercial Air Conditioner Repairs

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Commercial air conditioning is just as important as residential air conditioning. After all, you probably spend at least 40 hours a week in your office building. That’s a lot of time to suffer in a stiflingly hot building without a working air conditioner. No one wants to deal with that, which is why commercial air conditioning repairs are so important. Read on for some of the signs that your commercial air conditioner needs some professional repairs.

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How You Can Receive Better Heating for Your Business

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Is the inside of your business not warm enough when the temperature outside drops? Are you hearing complaints from employees or clientele about cold spots or rooms that just aren’t comfortable? Then you should consider calling commercial HVAC specialists to help you improve your company’s heating system, or look into a replacement heater.

There are a number of different solutions for a business that isn’t receiving the proper level of heating necessary to keep it a productive and pleasant space for everyone. When you contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning, Chicagoland’s trusted name in heating and AC since 1904, you’ll learn about the many options you have to receive better heating. We provide numerous services for commercial HVAC in Park Ridge, IL, and we would like to make you part of our family of satisfied customers.

Here are some ideas to consider for improving your commercial heating:

  • New thermostats: Yes, sometimes the answer is this simple. If you have outdated thermostats over ten years old, they can result in efficient and uneven heating around a building. New thermostats can not only make heating better, they will also help you save money with their precision performance and programmable features.
  • Adding new rooftop units: If your business uses rooftop packaged heat pumps for comfort, you can always add a new unit. These systems are designed to be modular, and if your business isn’t getting enough heat, it might be time to put in a second (or third, or fourth) rooftop unit.
  • Schedule routine maintenance: The decline in heating power may be due to the system running down because it hasn’t received annual inspections and tune-up from HVAC professionals. Call on a dependable commercial heating and cooling contractor and sign up for the regular maintenance that will keep the system in great shape each year.
  • Replace the heating system: The most drastic step—but one that is sometimes necessary—is to replace the inadequate heater with a new one. This may mean some disruption to your business, but if you hire skilled commercial experts, it should be minimal and your company will have a new heating system working to keep it warm in no time at all.

Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning is glad to help your business receive excellent quality heating. Our many services can take care of repairs, replacements, thermostat installations, or whatever else you may need. For commercial HVAC in Park Ridge, IL, we are the people to call.

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Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Your commercial HVAC system keeps your customers, clients, tenants, and/or employees comfortable throughout the day. If you’re a business owner or if you manage a commercial property, you know that business is the best when everybody in your building is happy. That’s why it’s important to install a high-performance HVAC unit and call for repairs at the first sign of problems. But if a lot of time has passed since someone had a look at your unit, you should consider calling a specialist for commercial HVAC maintenance.

During a maintenance visit, a technician will inspect your entire system, clean important components such as the condenser coil, adjust anything that’s out of place, and let you know if you need to schedule additional repairs. And the cost of maintenance is considerably low when compared to the benefits you may begin to notice right away.

  • Fewer Repairs: Calling for repairs is an inconvenience that may leave your building without cool air or heat for a lengthy period of time. But maintenance can significantly reduce the chances of sudden repair needs. Loose nuts and bolts and dirty components may eventually cause other parts to malfunction, but these minor problems are caught early on when you schedule maintenance.
  • Better Performance: Even minor problems with your commercial heating and air conditioning unit may keep it from performing at its best. A dirty coil, for example, is unable to easily absorb heat from the air, so you may notice reduced cooling capacity. When this coil and other parts are cleaned, your HVAC unit may even perform as well as when it was brand new!
  • Restore Efficiency: Not only do repair needs slow performance, they also make your system inefficient. A faulty blower fan, for example, prevents your business from reaching the proper temperature, which means your HVAC unit will work harder and run longer in an attempt to meet temperature needs. And because your commercial HVAC unit services several people in a large area, your bills may increase significantly. During inspection, a technician can alert you to any problems that may be decreasing efficiency, which saves you a lot of money every month.

If you decide that you need commercial HVAC services in Park Ridge, call Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today!

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How Commercial HVAC Systems Differ from Residential Systems

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Summers can get very hot and humid here in Illinois, and every occupied building needs to have reliable air conditioning to function. Commercial HVAC systems in Evanston, IL pay as large a role as residential systems, since people tend to occupy office space and retail space during the heat of the day. The systems used in commercial buildings apply the same principles as those used in homes, but they differ in several significant ways. (That’s why you should usually rely on a service with experience in commercial systems if your own breaks down.) Here’s how commercial HVAC systems differ from residential systems.

The main factor involved is size. Commercial buildings tend to be much larger than most homes, and need to support a much night number of people to boot. Their HVAC systems thus need to generate a lot more power than home systems do, in order to handle the load. But at the same time, they need to be far more flexible than household air conditioners are. The occupants of commercial space are apt to move in and out much more quickly than the average homeowner, often with wildly fluctuating needs in air conditioning to boot. For example, an office with numerous powerful computers may need a lot of AC power to keep their systems cool. But what if they move out and a new company specializing in paper storage moves in? Suddenly, the space needs a lot less cooling power.

Commercial HVAC systems thus need to be stronger and more reliable than home systems, but also flexible and easily altered. The solution is usually to adopt a series of modular units – usually placed on the building’s roof – that can be added and subtracted from the system quite easily. In order to do that, as well as to facilitate repairs when problems arise, you need a company that really understands how commercial HVAC systems differ from residential systems. And when it comes to air conditioning and heating systems in Evanston, IL, commercial properties have a trump card in Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning. We have the expertise you need to solve all manner of installation and repair issues. Give us a call today to make an appointment!

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3 Advantages of a Modular Commercial HVAC System

Friday, April 11th, 2014

A commercial HVAC system is a complicated endeavor. It needs to support a large amount of square footage and keep both your customers and your business comfortable at all times. If you run a large building – with multiple floors and constant fluctuations in tenants – then you can go out of your mind trying to attend to all their needs. A modular system can be the perfect solution, and when it comes to commercial HVAC services, Northbrook, IL has experts who can help. Here are 3 advantages of a modular commercial HVAC system that you should consider when installing commercial air conditioning in your office.

  • Adaptable
    Modular systems contain a series of separate units, which can be added or removed from the system very easily. That means if your business grows and you need more air conditioning power, you don’t need to replace the whole system. You just need to add another modular unit. The versatility allows you maximum flexibility while ensuring that you’re never paying for more of a system than you need.
  • Space-saving
    Because commercial units are placed on the roof, you don’t need to use any valuable square footage on it. That leaves more room for storage, extra personnel or whatever your business needs to remain competitive.
  • Efficient
    Commercial HVAC systems are sturdy and reliable, which means they can handle the hottest days as well as the coldest nights. They’re built of solid materials, and can handle much larger loads to boot. While repairs are sometimes necessary, a regular schedule of maintenance and timely repairs will allow them to run for a good long line.

The advantages of a modular commercial HVAC system won’t mean much unless you have the right company for the job. And when it comes to professional HVAC services in Northbrook, IL, the experts at Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help. Our trained professionals can install a system that’s right for your business, and will be on hand to correct any problems or maintenance issues that crop up in the ensuing years. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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