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How Are Your Ducts Doing?

Monday, July 31st, 2017

how-ducts-doingThis is probably not something you give a whole lot of consideration to, but your ductwork is actually a very vital part of your HVAC system. After all, your air ducts are the only way that the conditioned air from your central air conditioner—or forced air heater—will ever reach your living space.

The best way to ensure that your air conditioner is prepared for all the work it will go through during the summer is by scheduling maintenance. Preventive maintenance allows our professional technicians to do a thorough inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of any components that need it. But if your ducts are in bad shape, we can’t ensure that your AC will perform as efficiently as it should for the rest of the summer season.

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Duct Tape: Good for Everything but Fixing Ducts!

Monday, July 17th, 2017

duct-tape-good-for-everything-but-ductsIf you have a construction worker in your life, you’ve probably heard one of the many popular sayings they have: “All you need to have is two tools: If it doesn’t move and it’s supposed to, WD-40. If it moves and it’s not supposed to, duct tape!” That’s right, duct tape can resolve just about any situation—at least temporarily—except ductwork breaches. Go figure!

But the fact of the matter is that one of the biggest “energy thieves” in your home could be from leaks in your air ducts, which is something not a lot of people think about. Proper duct sealing from ventilation experts can stop your HVAC systems from losing 20 to 30% of the air that moves through the ductwork. Think about what that translates to: this is air you’re paying to cool your home in the summer that is simply going to waste. With professional duct sealing services in Winnetka, IL, though, you’ll see significant savings on your cooling bills.

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Why You Need Duct Repair This Fall

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Heating season is here, and most of us are going to be using our heating systems on a daily basis for the next few months. That means that it’s a good idea to take steps to get your home ready for winter now, before the worst cold weather hits. One of the most important preparations that you can take is to have your ducts repaired. Unfortunately, far too few homeowners know why this is so important. Let’s take a look at how duct repairs can both make your home more comfortable and save you money in the process.

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Household Problems Linked to Damaged Ductwork

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

It’s important to understand the vital job that the ductwork performs in your home. For most houses with an air conditioner and forced-air heater (furnace, heat pump), the ductwork is responsible for distributing conditioned air throughout the rooms, as well and drawing air back into the HVAC system to continue circulating it. Without an effective ductwork system in good repair, you won’t have an effective and energy efficient comfort system.

You can rely on Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning whenever you require duct repair in Evanston, IL or other parts of Chicagoland. We’ve been in the business of ventilation and home comfort since 1902, and our technicians are among the best when it comes to taking care of issues with ductwork.

What can go wrong in a home with damaged ductwork

  • Low indoor air quality: When ductwork sustains damage that creates gaps and air leaks along it, dust and other contamination from places between walls and under floorboard will start to infiltrate the ventilation system. These unhealthy particles will then end up blown into your air and begin circulating through the HVAC system. These airborne contaminants will trigger numerous health and comfort issues, and can be especially harmful for people in the house who suffer from asthma or allergies.
  • A dusty, dirty home: The same particles that will lower your indoor air quality because of damage to the ducts will also lower the cleanliness of your home. If dust seems to always coat furnishings no matter how much cleaning you do, the trouble maybe because of damaged ductwork.
  • Higher heating and cooling bills: You don’t want to spend more money to keep your home air conditioned and heated than you have to. But damaged ducts that place too much resistance against airflow will cause your heating and cooling bills to rise, sometimes precipitously. (However, this jump in costs is a good warning sign of ductwork damage that needs repairs.)
  • Reduced comfort: If broken ducts are allowing air to escape, it will lower the air pressure in the HVAC system, and the airflow out of the vents will drop. This will cause uneven heating/cooling around a home and comfort in general will suffer until the ducts are repaired.

Please do not attempt to fix your ducts on your own: this is a professional job and requires experienced technicians. For professional duct repair in Evanston, IL, look to a company with more than 110 years of experience: Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. Give us a call today.

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Signs You Need Professional Duct Repair

Monday, October 13th, 2014

People often underestimate the importance of the ductwork in the HVAC system of their home. It’s easy to take for granted that the ducts will stay in good shape no matter what happens, since most of the time they are out of sight–and therefore out of mind.

However, ductwork that sustains damage from corrosion and age, or which received poor initial installation, will have a severe negative effect on how well your HVAC system operates. It can mean a drop in comfort and an increase the contamination that enters your indoor air. When your ducts have gaps, leaks, or bad connections, they must be taken care of with a professional duct repair service to restore their integrity and protect your comfort, budget, and health.

Look to experience when you need duct repair in Northbrook, IL and other parts of Chicagoland: Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning. We have been in business so long that we are only two years younger than the invention of the air conditioner itself! We also offer 24-hour emergency service for your convenience.

Look for These Warnings That it’s Time for Duct Repair

  • Hot or cold spots: Broken ductwork will create spots in your house that are the wrong temperature from what you want. If you have the heater running during winter, but certain rooms still feel too frigid, you probably have busted ducts preventing proper airflow from reaching those rooms. The same problem applies in reverse to the summer, when you will notice abnormally warm rooms while the air conditioner is running.
  • Strange noises from the ductwork: As air flows through the ventilation system, the ducts will expand and contract with the changes in heat. An occasional “popping” noise when the heater or AC first comes on is normal. But loud rattling and shaking noises that happen continuously are warning you that the ducts are loose or damaged in some way and need repair work.
  • Higher utility bills: An HVAC system trying to send conditioned air through leaking or broken ductwork will have to battle uphill to reach its expected temperature. That means the system will draw more energy, and your heating and cooling bills will start to climb. If you notice a rise in your bills that you cannot account for because of increased use or a change in energy costs, you are either dealing with a malfunctioning comfort system or damaged ductwork. Call for HVAC professionals right away.

Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning is a full-service company for home comfort, from AC and heater repairs to indoor air quality solutions. We can handle your needs for duct repair in Northbrook, IL: just give us a call at the first sign of trouble.

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3 Types of Materials Used in Duct Repair

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Here in Chicago, duct repair services are standing by to help fix a breached or broken duct. Breaches can create all manner of problems for your HVAC system, from pulling unconditioned air into the system to spreading dust and debris throughout the home. Professionals can seal and repair any breaches in your ducts using a variety of materials. Unfortunately, duct tape is not among them. The shared word in the name leads some people to believe that duct tape can easily be used to fix breaches in their home’s ductwork. Duct tape, however, simply can’t stand up to the fluctuations in temperature, and normally only lasts a few days at the most. Here are 3 types of materials used in duct repair that professionals use to do the job.

  • Matching components
    Ducts are usually made of fiberglass, sheet metal and similar materials. When a breach occurs, a professional can simple use a shaped piece of material of the precise same composition of the duct itself to make repairs. That ensures that the new material won’t suffer from temperature and air flow fluctuations (or at least no more than the surrounding material).
  • Duct mastic or duct sealant
    This is a kind of paste that can be placed over the breach and used to seal it. Once applied, it hardens in place and seals the breach admirable. Duct mastic works best for small breaches (1/8 of an inch wide or smaller). Larger breaches usually demand a patch.
  • Sealing tape
    As stated above, duct tape doesn’t work for ducts. (We know: it’s ironic.) Instead, rely on tape brands that don’t use a rubber adhesive. Any kind of heat-resistant tape, such as foil tape or butyl tape, can be used. In particular look for any tape that carries the Underwriters Laboratories label.

Even with these materials used in duct repair, you still need the training and know-how to apply them. In Chicago, duct repair services can be provided by Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning. We have the knowledge and experience to seal your ducts properly, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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