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Air Conditioning Electrical Repairs

This summer as you run your air conditioning system to stay cool, make sure that you watch for any issues that your AC unit might be developing. There are a few common issues that we get called to repair and one of them is electrical failure. Give us a call here at Shavitz for all your Evanston air conditioning repair. Our technicians are experts and we can get your system back up and we can get your system back up and working again quickly. Take a look below at some of the things that can go wrong with the electrical system of your AC.

Evanston Air Conditioning Repair: Electrical Problems

Make sure that you call for Evanston air conditioning repair services if you notice any issues with your AC’s electrical system.

  • Buzzing – If you have a heat pump at your house, buzzing could just be the normal operation of the reversing valve solenoid. However, if you aren’t getting any cooling in your house and you go outside you might notice a buzzing sound coming from the outdoor condensing unit. This buzzing could be from the fan motor or compressor motor trying to start without the aid of the capacitor. If your capacitors aren’t working then the motors won’t have enough strength to start up on their own and their motors will buzz as they try. This same problem could happen at your indoor unit with the fan motor that is located there.
  • AC not turning on – If you set your thermostat to a certain temperature but your AC never comes on then it likely means that you have an electrical problem. It could be that the power cord has come loose. But it could also be an electrical issue with your thermostats. The batteries could be dead but it might also be that the thermostat wiring has come loose or is corroded.
  • Frequently blown circuits – It is very likely that your air conditioning system is on its own circuit because of the volume of electricity that it needs. If you start having to go out and re-activate the circuit because the AC keeps breaking it, you likely have an issue with your AC. It could be something with your utility company but it could also be a problem with your AC unit demanding too much power.

When you need any Evanston air conditioning repair just call us here at Shavitz.

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