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Do Your Air Ducts Need Repair?

Homeowners often underestimate just how important the air ducts that snake their way through their home actually are. It’s when the old “out of sight, out of mind” mentality kicks in and we just don’t think very much about how our ductwork may be affecting our indoor air quality as well as the performance of our HVAC systems.

But what’s important to realize is that it’s surprisingly easy for ductwork to accrue damage from corrosion, age, poor initial installation, or even rodents in the attic or crawlspace. Damaged ductwork can result in a decline in indoor comfort as well as an increase in the contamination of the indoor air. Whether your ductwork has gaps, leaks, or even just bad connections, the only way to restore them to good working condition is by investing in professional duct repair services.

How Do You Know if Your Ducts Need Repair?

When you’re in your home, pay attention to whether you notice hot or cold spots in various rooms. If there are spots that are the wrong temperature—such as a room that’s really cold in the winter even with your heater running, then you likely have broken ducts preventing proper airflow from reaching that room. The same problem applies in reverse during the summer, if you notice abnormally warms spots despite your AC running.

Listen for odd sounds too—as air flows through your ductwork, those air ducts will expand and contract with the fluctuations in temperature. As a result you’ll likely notice an occasional “popping” noise when the heater or AC first cycles on. This is normal! What is not normal, however, is a loud rattling or shaking sound that can happen continuously—this is a sign that your ducts are loose or damaged in some way.

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