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Electric Furnace Problems From Lack of Maintenance

If you have an electric furnace, chances are you don’t pay it much mind until a problem arises. We all have so much going on in our lives that as long as the furnace is running, we’re not inclined to worry too much about it. Here in Wilmette IL, electric furnace repair services are standing by to help, so fixing a problem quickly usually isn’t an issue. Even so, a number of problems arise solely from a lack of maintenance. A routine “tune-up” session can help you prevent them.

Your electric furnace suffers from the same wear and tear that any other major appliance does. Parts wear down, bolts become loose, fittings wear out, and dust builds up over months of non-use during the summer. All of these are relatively easy to correct, but all can result in long-term damage if they’re not treated. Dust increases friction in moving parts and can clog the important components over time, preventing them from working. Loose components can rattle in their housings, increasing the strain on them and other components will need to work harder in order to heat your house. That not only raises your monthly bills, but increases the chances of a more serious breakdown taking place in the near future. It may also shorten the life of your furnace, hastening the day when you will need to pay to replace it.

Contrast that with regular maintenance sessions conducted by a trained professional. The dust and dirt are cleaned up, reducing friction and ensuring that the components function effectively. Loose elements are tightened down to keep them from rattling, and thus reduces the strain on them. If any significant repairs are required, the technician can spot it and schedule it before it affects any other parts of your furnace.

All of that can eliminate a number of electric furnace problems from lack of maintenance, or at least reduce the risk of them considerable. In Willmette IL, electric furnace repair services can be addressed by Shavitz Heating and air Conditioning.

Call us today to schedule a regular maintenance session, and help keep your electric furnace running as smoothly as it can!

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