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How AC Maintenance Reduces Repairs & Breakdowns

You might know the AC maintenance is important for your air conditioner, but do you know why? Understanding the explicit benefits of scheduling AC maintenance every year can provide the extra boost of motivation to make sure you schedule this valuable service instead of skipping out on it from time to time.

And when you do need air conditioning maintenance in Winnetka, our team is here to help. We have licensed and certified technicians with both the education and experience you were looking for, and we are always here. You can keep reading to learn more about how AC maintenance can reduce the likelihood of unexpected repairs and breakdowns for your air conditioner.

Why Schedule AC Maintenance?

We have homeowners ask us all the time if AC maintenance is a requirement. The short answer is yes, with some stipulations. If you want to skip out on AC maintenance, that is completely up to you. No one is twisting your arm. However, when you don’t schedule AC maintenance and don’t do your part to take care of your unit, it voids the manufacturer’s warranty. 

If your manufacturer’s warranty covers the first 10 years and you don’t schedule service, then repairs will not be covered if something major goes wrong at the nine-year mark. Instead, you will be left covering those out-of-pocket expenses yourself. So when it comes to the potential for AC repairs, maintenance is an investment in your manufacturer’s warranty. 

Addressing Small Problems

But the service also does more than that. AC maintenance also ensures that your air conditioner stays in excellent working order so that it is less likely you face major repairs or even a complete breakdown. And your air conditioner will not break down overnight. Instead, something small and seemingly insignificant begins to go wrong. 

A bolt is loose or a fan is slightly off balance. You may hear a gentle rattling or tapping sound. Maybe it’s coming from your air conditioner, maybe it’s not. But the sound is not loud or alarming enough to cause concern, so you ignore it. But here’s the thing: absolutely any noise coming from your air conditioner is a red flag. Even if the sound only happens once, or if it is very quiet, you should always schedule service for your air conditioner.

The bolt is going to loosen more and break free, potentially knocking around inside your air conditioner and damaging other parts. Or the fan will continue to become more and more off-balance until it causes other damage to your air conditioner. Without AC maintenance, you may never know about the small problems that have the potential to lead to an AC breakdown. When our team has the opportunity to look inside of your air conditioner once per year, we can make tweaks and in sure that any small problems never get out of hand. 


Taking excellent care of your air conditioner and replacing parts as they wear out is a great way to extend your air conditioner’s lifespan. When you replace aging components all along, you prevent them from putting strain on other components inside of your air conditioner, leading to even more wear and tear that have the potential to shorten your air conditioner’s lifespan.

Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted resource for Chicagoland area home services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for AC maintenance!

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