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How Maintenance Prevents the Need for Electric Furnace Repair

One of the advantages of electric furnaces for home heating is their flexibility. Because almost all homes are wired for electricity, electric furnaces are options everywhere. They are also safer than gas furnaces because they don’t pose any hazards from toxic or combustible gases. Although electric furnace models tend to be less energy-efficient than gas models, current technology is far superior to what it once was and makes electricity a competitive option for reduced energy use.

But perhaps the greatest advantage of electric furnaces is their longevity and durability. An electric furnace will often last 10 years longer than a gas furnace, and they need fewer repairs in general. However, they still require regular maintenance to help ward off repair calls. If you neglect regular maintenance for your electric furnace, you can’t expect it to give you a long and productive service life.

To help avoid unnecessary electric furnace repair in Northbrook, IL, arrange for annual furnace maintenance from HVAC professionals. The maintenance program at Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning will see that your electric furnace is prepared for the winter. Call us today for more details.

The Importance of Maintenance for Preventing Furnace Repairs

Electric furnaces work through resistance heating: power runs through the coils of the heating elements inside the furnace cabinet, turning them hot, which in turn heats up the air which is then blown out through the ductwork. This places a great deal of stress on the heating elements, which can burn out if they are not regularly cared for and occasionally replaced. During maintenance, the technician will inspect the heating elements to make sure that none of them are in need of repairs of replacements in the near future.

The technician will also look over the whole electrical system that powers the furnace to make adjustments and tightenings. This will help ward off potential electrical failures that could shut down the entire system.

Another crucial part of an electric furnace that a technician investigates is the air handler: the blower fan responsible for sending the heated air from the cabinet and distributing it into the ventilation system. The technician will make sure the motors are lubricated and not dirty, and that none of the capacitors are on the verge of failing.

After the maintenance session is done, you will have a furnace that is in the best condition possible for the coming winter. If the technician does locate places that need preventive repairs, he or she will tell you about them and help you schedule the repair work that will fix them before the cold weather arrives.

Call Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today and sign one of our Residential Maintenance Agreements. When you agree to have maintenance from us, you’ll actually need us less…since your furnace will keep working so well you shouldn’t need to contact us for repairs. However, in the event anything goes wrong, you can always count on us for fast electric furnace repair in Northbrook, IL.

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