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How to Tell an Experienced HVAC Pro from an Amateur


It’s easy for someone to call themselves a “heating professional” or “HVAC expert,” but how can you find someone who will make promises they can guarantee about the services they offer? Whether you need a new heating system installed, need your AC repaired, or want to know how to improve your indoor air quality, you need someone with experience and training to turn to.

We’ve provided some basic guidelines to think about when deciding to work with any HVAC professional. Read on, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team!

The Company Has a Physical Location

This is factor #1 to think about—almost any stable, for-profit company will have a physical base of operation. The lack of this can indicate that something shady is going on. The last thing you need when awaiting important HVAC services is to find yourself facing a scam situation.

You can avoid this by doing your research on the HVAC company you’re thinking of hiring. It’s actually quite easy to use a search engine map like Google Maps to locate a business and check to see whether there is, in fact, office space at that address. Remember, too, if you’re worried about the legitimacy of any type of home services company, a good place to check is the Better Business Bureau site.

They Carry Proper Licensing

Since HVAC installation and services are complex jobs, and potentially even dangerous considering that it often involves gas-powered equipment, technicians have to have the proper knowledge and licensing required to do the job.

Additionally, the staff within that company must be registered with the state where your HVAC contractor is based, and must keep their license and related paperwork up to date. Before hiring a contractor, check on the status of their licenses. This will tell you if they’re in good standing with the state and if they complete their professional duties in a timely manner.

They Present Themselves Professionally

When it comes to home services technicians, you would never expect someone to show up at your door in a suit and tie, right? But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect some level of professionalism. HVAC technicians should always present themselves well and take pride in their work, in addition to taking the proper steps to ensure they leave your home as clean as they found it.

They Are Prompt

In the best-case scenario, your HVAC contractor will provide 24/7 services, because we all know that a heating or air conditioning emergency never happens at a convenient time. Even if it’s not an emergency, though, you should expect your HVAC technician to be on time and to be as efficient as possible with whatever type of HVAC service you need.

If you continually call a company only to have their phones consistently ringing with no answer, or you leave a voicemail to have no response within a couple of business days, you probably don’t know that you can trust that company to do timely work in your home.

When you need a trustworthy technician for your furnace repair in Glenview, IL, contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning.

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