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Is Your Heat Pump Ready for Summer?

Spring is upon us, and while we are still experiencing cooler temperatures for now, summer heat will be here soon enough. When that happens, you’ll want to make sure that your heat pump is ready to provide you with proper cooling. If you haven’t had your heat pump inspected yet this season, now is the time to do so. Spring is the best time to prep your system, as it gets the system ready for its heaviest period of use, and HVAC technicians are more readily available during this time of year.

What if I Had It Maintained Last Fall?

It’s important to remember that your heat pump is a single system that uses one process to provide both heating and cooling. While an air conditioner and furnace are two separate systems just sharing the same cabinet and blower fan, a heat pump is an AC system that reverses the direction of its operation to become a heating system.

This means that your heat pump works year-round, something that your air conditioner doesn’t do. Given that this appliance does twice the work as an average air conditioner, having it checked before winter and before summer is essential. You may be able to perform simple tasks, such as changing the air filter and clearing debris away from your outdoor unit, however it takes a trained and certified HVAC technician to perform professional maintenance.

What Does Heat Pump Maintenance Involve?

During your maintenance appointment, your HVAC technician will clean the entire unit, tighten electrical connections, check for refrigerant leaks, lubricate the motors, calibrate your thermostat, clean the condensate pan and drain, and perform any other necessary steps to ensure that the heat pump can carry out heat exchange in either direction, with little to no problems.

To schedule a heat pump maintenance appointment in Chicago, IL, contact Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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